What To Wear-a?

"Mario's Closet" by Glenn Brogan, as seen onTiny Cartridge. Currently a candidate in a t-shirt design contest. Vote for it here.


    I dont understand why they havent stuck mario in a ferrari yet, makes perfect sense to me!

    Where does he keep his golf clubs and tennis gear?

    haha i just like the undies. My guess is the mushrooms make something else look big... who needs socks?!

    Brilliant idea and artwork; this is my new wallpaper!

    Where, though, is his yellow cape?

      Bottom Left.

      Bottom row second from the left = Yellow Cape

    where's his F.U.D.D?

    That's so awesome! I would buy it if it was made into a T-shirt.
    Yet I don't know a third of the costumes here.

    Classic. I agree Steven, where is F.L.U.D.D? It's basically a backpack.

    Plus point for the invisible hat!

    I'd love this T-shirt. I'm sure a lot of Mario fanboys would love it too.

    Want to have this shirt? Vote for it!

    Pure genius, I would buy ten.

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