When Can We Expect Rival Schools On PSN Or XBLA? "Never"

That's a long time, never. When asked when school-yard fighting game Rival Schools would be appearing on the PlayStation Network, Capcom spokesperson Chris Svensson replied.

"There are IP clearances and rights we no longer have (particularly pertaining to voicework/soundtrack I believe) so our IP management group has told us it can't be re-released," Svensson said. "I'm sorry as it's one of the ones I really wanted to see be put back up.

"So if you still have that PS1 Rival Schools disc in your collection, it's unfortunately going to be the only way that gets played for the foreseeable future."

This does not apply only to the PSN, but all platforms, it seems. Bummer.

No Rival Schools on PSN now, no Rival Schools on PSN ever [Dtoid]


    man that sucks, Rival Schools 2 on the Dreamcast is one of the best fighting games ever

    i like the original on ps much more :D

      Personally i wanted the original Jap release more @[email protected]

      I still have no clue why they removed the Fighter Maker feature and replaced it with "secret" character clones =(

    That's disappointing, Rival Schools was the most polished 3D fighter Capcom made for the PS1 IMO, would have been great for PSN. just as well i've still got my original PS1 disc..

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