Which Final Fantasy Game Do These FFXIII Launch Customers Love?

On December 17, Japanese game site Gpara asked the first 100 customers waiting in line for Final Fantasy XIII at Shibuya retailer TSUTAYA to name their top three favourite FF games. And today, Gpara is publishing the results.

13.) Final Fantasy II: 2 votes 12.) Final Fantasy XI: 3 votes 11.) Final Fantasy: 3 votes 10.) Final Fantasy X-2: 6 votes 9.) Final Fantasy III: 11 votes 8.) Final Fantasy XII: 16 votes 6.) Final Fantasy IV: 21 votes 6.) Final Fantasy IX: 21 votes 5.) Final Fantasy V: 22 votes 4.) Final Fantasy VIII: 26 votes 3.) Final Fantasy VI: 29 votes 2.) Final Fantasy VII: 57 votes 1.) Final Fantasy X: 59 votes

What is your top three?

"イケメン"シドってどう?「FF アンケート」『XIII』購入者100人を調査/ゲーム情報ポータル:ジーパラドットコム [Gpara]


    1. Final Fantasy 7
    This is just one the best games I’ve ever played.

    2. Final Fantasy 8
    This game was just as good as FF7, and who didn’t love the card game, that card game has added whole playhtoughs for me, I just start new games to get new cards, then all the other FF games tried to add their own little games and for the most part failed, the card game in FF9 turned a fun little game into something no one understood with confusing rules, FF 10 had blitzball this was actually pretty good, FF 10-2 had that weird coin game that you had to add up numbers to win, I don’t think anyone much math enthusiasts loved that game.

    3. Final Fantasy 6
    I actually really like the oldschool look of FF6, Plus the game is long as hell with a giant amount of content.

    I've only played FFX, FFXI and FFXII, and those three were pretty good. I'd have to say FFX is my favourite though, since that's probably the most time I've wasted on a game since Fallout 3. I'm not sure if that was the one with Blitzball, but I loved that mini-game.

    Final fantasy VII was the first Final fantasy game I had ever played and it is what got me hooked on the series but Final fantasy 8 is definately my favorite I have played the game countless times and never get bored of it I just want it to be released on the PAL network so I can put it on my psp.

    I knew FFVII would be ranked highest as soon as I clicked.

    My favourites would be:

    1. FFX - like Joshua, I spent a huge amount of time on FFX. Huge world, great game. I really got involved in it.

    2. FFVII - This was the first Final Fantasy game I played, and it's almost my favourite, but I didn't get as involved as with FFX.

    3. FFVI - I didn't play this one until fairly recently. It was one of those games I missed (having been a Sega fan during the 16bit era) and picked up when I realised everyone else thought it was great. Fantastic game. I was amazed at how huge it was for its time.

    I'm kinda surprised to see FFX doing so well - granted, this is a very small sample size, but I always thought 6-9 were seen as the golden age, with 7 the clear winner.

    Well there you go...

    @ Flux, FFX has actually always been very popular. It's not uncommon to see it and FFVII duke it out for the top spot on people's favourite list.

    X is at the top of my list closely followed by VI and VII.

      Really? I found FFX to be a bit of a let-down, but maybe that's because I just really disliked Tidus. And Wakka. And Rikku. And I might have disliked Yuna, but she was just so bland I couldn't tell.

      Auron and Kimahri were pretty bad-ass, though.

      (Secret shame: I never got to the end of FFX, so I can't really comment on the whole Sin storyline...)

    That is so weird, maybe the original dialogue in the JPN version of FFX was better than its English counterpart. That's what pretty much killed that game for me. Well, that and Tidus.

    I think for me FFVII had the best written story and interesting gameplay from start to finish, while FFVIII I enjoyed for the technical stuff. Animation were amazing for a PS1 game, and while the Draw system was hit-or-miss, I liked the overall flow of leveling up and stat-tweaking side of it.

    No spin-offs were accounted for? Final Fantasy Tactics is still one of my all time favourite FF's - along with VII and IX.

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