Which Kotaku Readers Give The Best Hugs?

Last week we were giving away copies of the hug-tastic Wii platformer A Boy and His Blob as well as a very limited art book. Let's find out who won them.

Because A Boy and His Blob features a dedicated hug button, the pressing of which causes the boy to hug his blob, we asked you to send us photos of you giving hugs. The huggiest hugs would win.

This is them, in no particular order.

First up, Danny C and his better half with some adorable photoshopping.

hug danny c

Second, Kane K and friends get intimate in the hugging booth.

hug kane k

Third, Brad F submits the three loves of his life.

hug kelly w brad f

Fourth, Joel T snuggles up to this every night.

hug joel t

And fifthly, Peter V knows a DS brings the family together.

hug peter v

Congratulations to the winners, I'll be in touch shortly. Thank you to everyone who sent in such beautiful photos. This was easily the most heart-warming competition we've run here at Kotaku. We love you all!


    Well done to all the winners!

    Thankyou so much David!

    Congrats to all the other winners and keep up the awesome competitions!

    aww and i even made my own blob lol

    Well done everyone - there is some sickeningly sweet stuff right there.
    Enjoy! :D

    Hooray! Thanks David -I'm at home sick today (not wearing the fluffy pink robe!), so this has made me feel much better.

    Grats to the winners. Well deserved.

    YAY I won !!
    Thanks Kotaku, and congrats to the rest of the guys !
    Some heart wrenchingly sweet stuff there.

    Cuteness levels went through the roof!

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