Which Kotaku Readers Have Received A Section 8?

Which Kotaku Readers Have Received A Section 8?

Last week we held a competition where you could win yourself a foot-tall statue of a dude in power armour and some copies of Xbox 360 shooter Section 8. However, first, you had to prove your insanity.

In Section 8, you’re part of a suicide squad sent on the toughest missions in the galaxy. As we explained last week, Section 8 is a US military term used to refer to those discharged for being “mentally unfit” for service. So we wanted you to show how mentally fit you are for the game by proving how mentally unfit you are in reality.

We got some hella weird entries.

But first prize goes to Troy C, who is not only clearly deranged but has more balls than all of us combined for agreeing to have this photo published on the internet. For that, he is the obvious winner of the statue and the game. Click to enlarge, if you dare.

section 8 troy c

The first runner-up is Sam H, another man you would surely want defending your home planet in intergalactic warfare.

section 8 sam h

And our second runner-up is Daniel B, pictured here suffering from swamp fever as he orders the Xbox 360 version of Left 4 Dead 2 on a major Australian retailer’s website.

section 8 daniel b

Congrats guys, and cheers to everyone who entered – even those who freaked me out with their unpublishable pictures. I’ll be in touch with the winners shortly if you didn’t supply your details with your entry.


  • What the hell? There still exists boxed copies of Shaq Fu? Man that’s a brave (or foolhardy) man to own one. Last I heard it was the cause of at least 5 different types of AIDs.

  • To make matters worse, when i saw i won i was bouncing around the office like a bloody fairy shouting “i f—ing won!!!”
    Seriously can’t explain how stoked i am.
    Thanks so much Kotaku!

    @plmko- LOL – no, it’s because he’s buying the censored LFD2 game, which more than allows for a section 8.

    @Aaron – yes i actually do have a boxed copy of Shaq Fu, and what more is i actually DID enjoy it when i was younger.. but i was a bit of a basketball fanatic back then and the game was ok as long as you didn’t actually play AS shaq. And it’s actually only 4 types of AIDS; the last disease is a form of gout.

    For those of you wondering – yes i am in a sailor costume that belongs to my girlfriend. Yes it does look much better than her. My arms are so close to my sides because i couldn’t even zip it up, not even a millimeter, so i had to hold it up.

    Also, the smaller print under “Shaq fu is the best game ever made” reads like this:
    “Nothing rivals it’s complexity or storytelling. Shaq as a main character in a Kung Fu game is pure genius and anyone that says otherwise is just jealous of his mastery of all arts that a martial. Jet Li wakes in the middle of the night drenched in sweat from pure fear of a possible SHAQ ATTAK”

    Thanks again – i’m really looking forward to seeing this statue now 😀

    • I’m not sure your girlfriend will like you saying the sailor suit is much better looking than her!

      Well deserved win mate, congratulations.

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