White Knight Chronicles Goes International In February

Level-5's epic PlayStation 3 RPG finally makes it to the states in February, filled with extras and re-branded as the White Knight Chronicles International Edition.

The International Edition of White Knight Chronicles contains all of the action-RPG gameplay of the original Japanese release, along with a slew of updates and downloadable content, all packaged together in one attractive package. You've got the promised voice chat function; 50 disc-based online quests to complete solo or with a group of three other players; an online village called The Georama, where you can invite friends to quest and buy unique items; and Live Talk, which is added side conversations that give your characters a little more depth, similar to what Namco Bandai does with the Tales of series.

The White Knight Chronicles International Edition will be released on February 2nd, 2010. My big-headed character will begin her adventure soon after.

White Knight Chronicles International Edition Coming to PS3 February 2, 2010 [PlayStation Blog]


    just a question, does this game have multiplayer? as in 2 ppl on the same console not online

    Please oh please day and date with a PAL release!

    But do we have any word on the Australian release?

    Wonder if Godzilla can make a cameo when you turn into a giant knight.

    Looking forward to this and.. WHERES DEMON SOULS

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