Why Valkyria Chronicles 2 Is On The PSP

SEGA decided to bring Valkyria Chronicles 2 to the PSP — not the PS3 like the first game. Why?

According to producer Shuntaro Tanaka, it would take the team three years to make another PS3 game, and that's considering the fact that SEGA already has assets that can be used in the game as well as improved PS3 game development "know how".

Putting the game on the PSP was a much faster solution. Tanaka hopes to see the franchise expand on the PSP and the PS3.

Fans are hoping to see another PS3 game.

Producer On Why PSP For Valkyria Chronicles 2 [PSP Hyper]


    Isn't "faster" also a code for we're cheap and lazy? Hmmmmm? I wanted a PS3 game not a squinty short PSP game.

    it also be


    Well, they won't be getting my money on this one. Wanted a PS3 sequel, not a toned down PSP sequel.

    I can't wait for this PSP sequel, and then when this hopefully sells, another truly epic PS3 entry.

    I don't really see a problem. It's not like the first game pushed the PS3 in any way shape or form... aside from the graphics, the gameplay would've worked just fine on a PS1.

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