Wii Dominance Continues In Japan, PS3 Dominance Due Shortly

Continued strong sales of New Super Mario Bros. Wii means continued strong sales of the Wii. In fact, this week's sales are much better than the week prior, putting the Wii atop the Media Create chart with 135,000-plus sales.

Anticipation for Final Fantasy XIII also means a big boost for the PlayStation 3, which moved an impressive 75,000 units in Japan this past week, a number we expect to see dwarfed next week when hardware numbers arrive.

Sales were up across the board with one exception, the PSPgo. And while the DSi shows strong, the Nintendo DSi LL isn't quite matching sales of its DS siblings. Sales were up over the week prior, but not in line with other variations on Nintendo's dual screen platform.

I mean, look at these numbers and tell me what you see.

  • Wii - 135,898
  • PlayStation 3 - 75,086
  • PSP - 71,885
  • Nintendo DSi - 68,184
  • Nintendo DSi LL - 58,006
  • Nintendo DS Lite - 11,376
  • Xbox 360 - 10,646
  • PSPgo - 3077
  • PlayStation 2 - 2463

That's a total of 436,621 hardware units sold in Japan, according to Media Create, compared to 357,013 consoles and handhelds sold the week prior.


    I love the Wii, I currently own all three consoles of this generation but I do believe that the Wii's best games are too few and far between. The wii will sit up here for a while with SMBW but what then?.... anything good gonna take its place?.... Maybe in another 6 months or so.

      Lets see Metroid Other M, Sin & Punishment 2, No More Heroes 2, Red Steel 2. Is that enough for you?

    Nintendo have well and truly fragmented their customer base. The DSi and DSi LL sales combined would put the Wii into second place. I think a way to look at the DSi and LL is as variations of the same system rather then two separate hardware purchases. While they do have differences they are just different models of the same system. It would be interesting to know how many of the units purchased are people migrating up to the DSi. Also what the age bracket is of those purchasing the different units. W ether or not the LL appeals to the older crowd would be interesting. Oh wait now I sound like a marketing dude. Bugger

    The week the 360 sells over 10,000 and it still looks like a tiny spec. Poor thing.

    dude the main reason the wii is selling so well in japan is beacuse japan has already got the INSAIN line up of games wee will get for the wii in 2010..

    MONSTER HUNTER 3 ... which is effectivly a exculusive MMO for the wii is the main one

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