Wii Has Better Exclusives Than PS3, Xbox 360

console-showdown-part 1-624That's the verdict from IGN AU Console Showdown, anyway. Nintendo's console saw more and better exclusive titles released during 2009 than either of its high-def competitors.

IGN has tracked all the console exclusives released this year and compared review scores. Unsurprisingly, the Wii had by far the most exclusives: six times as many as the Xbox 360 and over five times as many as the PlayStation 3.

Sure, the Wii has an awful lot of shovelware and crappy minigame compilations, but it also has 24 games that scored at least eight out of ten on IGN's reviewing scale, including the excellent New Super Mario Bros., Little King's Story, Muramasa, House of the Dead: Overkill and Punch-Out!!, to name just a few.

In comparison, the PS3 had just six and the Xbox 360 a mere four, reflecting just how many multi-platform games those two systems have.

Do exclusives matter to you?

Console Showdown 2009 - Part 1 [IGN AU]


    Exclusives do matter to me, and I own a Wii and a PS3 as well as a pretty good PC. I actually have more games for my Wii than my PS3, but I enjoy them equally.

    Gotta say though, I do think that the Wii library is finally starting to come good. Seems devs ar finally figuring out how to best use the hardware.

    I know plenty of gamers who have a Wii and either a PS3 or 360. I don't know many that actually have both a PS3 AND 360. It's probably another reflection on just how many cross-platform games there are across the two.

      Crud... We're using the same name lol.

    lol, utter balls. quantity of exclusives doesn't translate as best console for exclusives.

    Exclusives are important, as they are the best games hands down on any console, as the tech is being used properly. I've found multiplatform games lacklustre this generation and can't hold a candle to the best exclusives on offer on any console really.

      This is true - I'd like to know what proportion of the exclusives rated above an 8, rather than a flat number of titles. If the Wii's had more than four times the exclusives of the PS3 or 360 (and it has) then surely their exclusives are not as good proportionally...

    Exclusives matter when you are comparing a 360 and a PS3, but I think it is harsh to judge the Wii exclusively against the two consoles with numbers like 24-6 (or 24-4).

    Take the multi-platform games (including the Wii ones) which are either on PS3 and 360, or those that are on the Wii but are much better on the PS3 and 360 (Fifa 10 for example) and I think the numbers would be much better represented.

    I'd rather be able to play the 100s of multiplat release games than only have the 2-3 Wii exclusives worth looking at each year and nothing else.

    Lessening of exclusives this generation is:

    Good, because I can get access to most worthwhile games without buying all the platforms. Although I wish the PC more consistently got included in the 360/PS3 cross-porting, I could have gotten away without buying a PS3 as well.

    Bad, because the PC is being held back by games being designed around several year old hardware. Although I suppose that could be turned into a "good" that I don't need to upgrade as much, but I liked constant progression of better graphics every year despite the cost.

    As for the Wii, I own one but I haven't really been that interesting in anything for it for a while. Muramasa and New Mario look okay but not something I'd pay more than half retail for. Of course the Wii was never really part of my gaming budget but rather my "Legend of Zelda" budget.

    This really wasn't a great year for xbox, luckily next year looks to be a lot better, and how can they compare the likes of uncharted 2, infamous, killzone 2 to House of the Dead: Overkill and Muramasa, there just mediocore. i'd much rather have 5 truly great games than 50 ok ones.

    Absolute garbage. My wii is played 'exclusively' by my wife and the 360 is where I get all my entertainment and gaming goodness from. Just so people know, admittedly I was a Nintendo fanboy for years from about the age of 10 (back in the golden days of the snes) right up until the gamecube era thanks to fantastic last gen titles like metroid prime and windwaker. Since then the wii’s lack luster and gimmicky selection of disappoint-burnt-onto-a-disc has killed that gleefully starry eyed kid. Damn it.

    If you only own one console this generation your robbing yourself. No matter which 'one' you own.

      You're right a Pc is the best option.

    Yeah, but the PS3 has Uncharted 2.

    If exclusives didn't matter to me I would have every single damn console :/

    Exclusives are important, but as someone mentioned already comparing the Wii to 360/PS3 is misleading. They are like apples and oranges and offer people two completely different gaming experiences.

    I am a gaming fanboy in general and own all 3 systems. Each have their own advantages and disadvantages. That being said my playtime breakup between the 3 is probably 80% 360, 25% PS3 and 5% Wii. But thats due to the fact I prefer the exclusives on 360 and PS3. As for the cross platform games, a lot of the time I purchase the 360 version over Ps3 due to the fact most of my friends have 360's and I play online with them. Also, the 360 tends to have the upper hand on most cross platform games (a generalisation, i know - AC2 is the latest example, performing quite a bit better on 360).

    I personally think the Wii has had a pretty poor year. I have only bought Madworld, Wii Sports Resort and will be picking up NSMB Wii as soon as I can afford it. Compare that with PS3 and 360 which I have bought 15-20 titles between the 2. There has been some more decent games, but things like the Metroid Prime Trilogy I wouldn't buy because I have played them all to death previously.

    As for the people who say this has been a lackluster year for Xbox and or PS3 I have to disagree. This has been a great year, and there has been quite a few new IP's. Borderlands, Dragon Age, Brutal Legend just to name a few. Mix in AC2, MW2, Forza 3, Uncharted 2, L4D2 (import version), Halo 3 ODST, Guitar Hero 5, Beatles RockBand etc. and this has been a fantastic year with plenty of choice for everyone.

      Good thing I went to school huh? My math is wonderful :S

      Make that 15% PS3 playtime :)

        Australia is truly a land of oppurtunity, how could he possibly afford 3 consoles without maths?

    The "report" is a bit of a joke - the whole idea of scores is all subjective isn't it?

    They used IGN review scores which would be different scores to GameSpot which would be different to Joystiq which would be different to... and so on and so on.

    IGN AU do tend to favour Nintendo's white box (I know Patch is a huge Nintendo fanboy) but I wouldn't score Muramasa or New Super Mario Bros Wii that highly (House of the Dead Overkill is awesome though in my opinion). But that's just my opinion.

    This proof is in the comments here. Michael agreed while Paul Down said it was utter balls.

    As for the question on exclusives - they're definitely necessary to highlight the differences between the consoles. But each system has great exclusives - Halo, Gears, God of War, Uncharted, Ratchet, Metroid and so on. Without them then there would be no reason not to own all three consoles.

      'IGN AU do tend to favour Nintendo’s white box'

      They berate and ignore the console all the time... what site are you reading?

    The concept of considering only 'retail exclusives' is so last generation. I think of exclusives more as content rather than the channel I purchase them from. Regardless of whether they are retail games, downloadable or add on content.
    I think the field levels out once you add Sony & MS's online content into the mix...

    Chuckled when i saw this. Perhaps they should incorporate sales. Last i heard, House of the Dead bombed HARD!

    I think exclusives matter MORE to those with only one console. But not in a "I wish it was an exclusive" matter but more of a, "Damn, i wished it wasn't an exclusive".

    Those who have a Xbox & PS3 wouldn't tend to matter cause they can then play the game. Thats what i do - 360 is for all my games. The PS3 is for exclusives.

    I always make the distinction between exclusives that you would buy if you owned the platform, and exclusives that you would buy the platform to own.

    Wii really only has one of those must-have exclusives, and it's Wii sports. The other platforms have a handful, with the game leading the charge this year undoubtedly being Uncharted 2.

    They are ignoring all the games that Are released on Xbox and PS3, exclusive or not, that don't get released on Wii. Wii gets so many exclusives because the console is completely different from the other two.

    the wii has no 'true' competition. the games developed for the wii are completely different from ps3/360.

    the multiplatform games are between the latter 2 and so comparing exclusiveness between all 3 consoles is pointless.

    Did they compare PC exclusives? I think PC might win overall =)

    i have a Wii (got it last christmas) a xbox360 (got it when it first came out) ans a PS3 (I got that for my birthday)

    So sucked in suckers i have all three consoles (and i have a PSP and a DSi)

    Bye I'm gonna play my PS3

    not as much as half decent looking, mature games with normal proper game play matter to me...

    Wow did mommy buy you all that?

    The wii if you noticed the wii had quantity over quality.. Sure they had like 20 games ...but only 2 got scored over 9.0...
    They also screwed the 360 by not using games that were also on pc (L4D)..
    Also on the VGAs... how many wii games won. I only seen them win one category (Wii game of the Year)

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