Wii Hits British Sales Milestones

The Nintendo Wii has carved two big notches on its belt today, passing not only the six million-sold barrier, but also becoming the fastest console in British history to do so.

The Wii went on sale in the UK in December 2006, so we're looking at an average of 2 million per year. Not bad. Sure, sales have slowed over the past 6-9 months, but I'm not going to be the one to rain on Nintendo's parade.

Six million is good, but if it wants to claim the title of best-selling British console of all time, it's got another four million to sell before it overtakes the PlayStation 2.

Wii hits six million in the UK [MCV]


    Sales mean crap all, if a company can't find investors for equity its not going anywhere. The share prices clearly reflect a grim future.

    And another 7 years to sell those 4 million...

    Yawn at anti-Nintendo people. Seriously, Nintendo are pwning the games market, no questions asked. There is no way on earth you can deny it. Nintendo is the only console manufacturer to make an actual profit on their console sales, and that has been the fact since day #1. Nintendo doesnt need investors because Nintendos answer to competition isnt just throwing money at competition like Microsoft and Sony, hence why Nintendo is still here!

    Agreed Tyler but at the same time you gotta look at it, publishers aren't really making money from the Wii which says alot about the console.

    Sure Nintendo are, cause there games are selling. Cause they use their Mario to death among others.

    Now i ain't here to defend the 360 (or the PS3 i suppose) - but these consoles make money for majority of those who invest in it. Publishers are making the money off their games when they sell. MS and Sony may not be making a profit like Nintendo, they may not even be making a profit off the console itself anyway. But they investing in other ways to broaden the market in a different approach. Thats online play (decent online play) & features such as Movies & Music etc...

    The Wii doesn't even play DVDs for christ sake. Now i am going to admit that the 360 isn't perfect and a large sales of what it has may be attributed to RRoD victims. But i can guarantee that alot of the surveys about the Wii not being in the cupboard is false. Perhaps in familys with young children. But for most people i know that have purchased a Wii they don't play it anymore or they sold/traded it in. I would safely bet that the Wii has the highest trade in ratio compared to other consoles AND theres probably more on eBay than the others.

    They may get the sales but the others win it in quality and longevity for value of money.

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