WIN! Bajo & Junglist's Good Game Book

COV_GoodGameGuide.inddStuck for a Christmas present for your significant gaming other? Or maybe just yourself? Why not try winning one of the twenty copies of Good Game's Gamers Guide to Good Gaming we have here to give away?

Yep, that's right, the Good Game guys have released their own book. Written by Bajo, Junglist and others (I believe it even has my name in there somewhere), it promises to deliver all you need to know to be a gamer in Australia.

There are chapters on: the major game developers who have shaped our medium; the games you should play before you die; videogame history; videogame future!; and tips on improving your gaming experience.

Thanks to HarperCollins and the ABC, we have twenty copies to give away throughout today, tomorrow and Friday. All you need to do to be in the running to win is tell us, in the comments below, who would win a "celebrity deathmatch" between Good Game hosts (past, present and furry yellow monkeys), and why. As usual for a Kotaku competition, the most inspired, creative and witty entries will win.

Only one entry per person. Just leave your entry here at any point between now and 11:59pm Friday. We'll pick the twenty best and send you a book.

UPDATE: This competition is now closed. Stay tuned for the winners to be announced.

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    Ooooh Good Game book up for grabs?? Count me in.....please count me in.

    Bajo (with Junglist as striker)
    - VS -
    Hex (with ABC management as striker)

    Either way whichever team gets to Seth is screwed.

    Bajo for sure

    He's so ADD and erratic, no one else would be able to land a hit on him, he'd be pinging up and down the walls if he got really mad

    Peace man, no one wins when there's violence involved. Everybody at GG sits down and has a nice herbal... tea. Afterwhich everybody gets along. Cool man, peace man, peace :)

    Little Baj: because he has heart, kid. That's what it takes to be a champion.

    I'm under the asusmption Hex would win, due to a) her unpredictable black magic, as indicated by her nefarious 'handle', b) Junglist is currently hiding in a undisclosed location owned by the former employers of THIS VERY ARTICLE, PCPowerplay, and thus unable to fight, and c) Bajo wouldn't be able to say anything, because Hex would keep cutting him off.

    My money's on the rubber chickens !!

    Bajo would win because he will just turn into his zombie form and eat the others brains just like he did in that zombie themed episode a while back :)

    Bajo would win because he will use his l33t haxxxx skills to cheat the competition.

    Bajo would win against anyone...........because he's Batman.

    You think a host would win the deathmatch? I'm sorry but the Good Game producers would win hands down. They can will hosts out of existence (except for angry rants on the forums, of course).

    Rei will win because she will be in Europe where the internet is awesome and the censorship of games is less and shw will dazzle Hex, Bajo, Jung and Kapowski with knowledge of games considered too awesome for Australia. Then she will summarily pwn them and laugh as Bajo tries to explain how he lost, whilst complaining on the broken drum kit that he says Rei broke.
    Damn right that's what'll happen :)

    Jung is da best.
    Bajo’s no contest.
    Hex will get stoned,
    And the furry yellow monkey will get 0wn3D!! =]

    Junglist vs the ABC.

    The duel was a no contest with the tyrannic ABC laying blow after blow until the mighty Junglist fell. The Good Game host had no reply to the vicious onslaught of the ABC. It was a TKO and Junglists heavyweight T.V career was no more

    Junglist would flex his almighty biceps and use Jung smash, squishing Bajo into a small bacteria substance. Then using his Texan accent and mannish looks he would seduce Hex by reading a passage to hey from the A-Z Book of Game cheats. Once she is entranced by him he would climb the ABC building, beating his hairy and somewhat scary chest at the people of Sydney, claiming Hex as his own.

    The Bacteria that was once Bajo would climb the tower slowly but surely and latch to Junglists feet, tickling him and causing him to giggle like a wee girl, breaking the seduction of Hex. As Junglist recovers from his tickling Hex would jump up and attack him, but Bajo, having re humanised himself by using an ancient mage spell, would sweep in from the side knocking her off the building. With Hex out of the way Bajo must turn his attention to Junglist who still outweighs and out guns him in muscle. A tense stand off ensues, with both presenters reluctant to make the first move. They stand eyeing each other off brutally staring into each others souls.

    Suddenly a sharp yellow blur would streak in from the side, wielding duel Wii zappers P_Nutz flys through the air Matrix style landing on one knee in the middle of the two circling men. They both fall to the ground slowly, dead.

    P-Nutz wins, fore he is always there at the right moment, whether it be for comic relief, or for time filler, or, even to win an epic death match.

    Andrew Hansen would. I don't know why, but he'd walk into the studio and stab them with his hair.

    Rei, because if they don't let her win she'll just file for racial discrimination.

    In the event that hitting Hex would not be counted as violence against women and a criminal offense.. I'd say Junglist. He looks quite tough. Otherwise Hex all the way rofl, or Rei? O_o

    the dorky one vs the nerdy one, dorky one would kick the nerdy ones street fighter 2

    Bajo uses Bajo Lightning
    Bajo uses Bajo Lightning
    Bajo uses Bajo Lightning

    Junglist sighs, walks away, and concedes that Bajo really did take him for a ride.

    Bajo would win, we've all seen his gun-slinging skills when he took down that old bomb of a PC.

    I say Bajo.
    He is Batman after all, and he could fix the 'Random Character Generator of a Thousand Characters' then use it to rally up some sidekicks.

    There was a young boy named Jung
    Who was... well... rather well hung!
    Bajo came along late to the show
    and how he won... I don't know
    But Hex kicked them all in the dung!

    Jeremy Ray (Junglist)would be the unequivocal winner. Bajo has girly arms, and Stephanie enjoys watching the show "Big Bang Theory". I'm sorry, but no one who enjoys The Big Bang Theory could possibly beat someone with tastes as excellent as Jeremy's.

    Also, Jeremy is in a state of perpetual bearded-ness, and not just a beard: sideburns. It's like asking yourself who would win in a fight between Princess Leia, Han Solo, and Chewbacca: you know who would win.

    I think P_nutz would win because he cheats...

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