WIN! Bajo & Junglist's Good Game Book

COV_GoodGameGuide.inddStuck for a Christmas present for your significant gaming other? Or maybe just yourself? Why not try winning one of the twenty copies of Good Game's Gamers Guide to Good Gaming we have here to give away?

Yep, that's right, the Good Game guys have released their own book. Written by Bajo, Junglist and others (I believe it even has my name in there somewhere), it promises to deliver all you need to know to be a gamer in Australia.

There are chapters on: the major game developers who have shaped our medium; the games you should play before you die; videogame history; videogame future!; and tips on improving your gaming experience.

Thanks to HarperCollins and the ABC, we have twenty copies to give away throughout today, tomorrow and Friday. All you need to do to be in the running to win is tell us, in the comments below, who would win a "celebrity deathmatch" between Good Game hosts (past, present and furry yellow monkeys), and why. As usual for a Kotaku competition, the most inspired, creative and witty entries will win.

Only one entry per person. Just leave your entry here at any point between now and 11:59pm Friday. We'll pick the twenty best and send you a book.

UPDATE: This competition is now closed. Stay tuned for the winners to be announced.

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    Junglist would beat an all out brawl between all hosts ever. His hardcore skills would destroy the casual gaming skills of Hex and Bajo. Kapowski just stand no chance against the mighty skills of Jung!

    Junglist vs Anyone from GG (including Pnutz....), Junglist would pwn. Body slam 'em, then make them drink from the n00b cup - his special move.

    Junglist FTW! BAM, and it would be a first round KO!
    Junglist is the leet-est.

    I pick the furry yellow monkeys, purely cos noone else has yet. Go you mighty underdog!!

    Junglist would win, Bajo would be spending time at the abc making good game and Hex would be reading the script about these "video games". So Jung would just charge in for gold.

    Bajo and Hex will fight in a round of 'foxxy boxing', which Hex will inevitably lose as one of her enormous breasts will bounce up and hit her in the head, knocking her unconscious and therefore designating Bajo the victor.

    Bajo and Junglist Versus Hex And Kapowski
    Bajo would Leeroy Jenkins into them and fall flat on his face and Jungy would be such a noob and snipe as Bajo gets a asswhopping. Hex would mage up and set Bajo butt on fire and Kapowski would set ninja to get Bajo, but Ninjas can't catch you when you are on fire. Bajo would grab-tackle Kapowski and Hex would fly off to get Junglist, but right at that second he would get a crit-hit on her.
    The fight would last for days untill Christmas.
    On Christmas, They would stop fighting and have a party and hug and say sorry.
    Merry Christmas To You

    I would have to say that Aiyiah would win. As he has all the knowledge and l33t skills that others in the gaming den can only dream of. He would PWN them to bits. And, after all... he did host the segment 'So you think you can Game'.

    'nuff said.

    Clearly Bajo would win cause we all know he's a droid and can most likely speak machine code to the controller.
    I swear Baj is the actor who plays Kryten in Red Dwarf, he has all the same moves and even a little bit of square-headedness!

    Jungalist would win because he always knows where Bajo is, like the time he was coming down from the ceiling like spiderman and Jungalist said "I know you're there Bajo", so in a deathmatch there would be nowhere for Bajo to hide. But then maybe the ghost of the yellow monkey would come in and finish them both off.

    I say Junglist because bajo is now working with a woman and she has probably found his soft center so instead of going for the kill he will probably reach his emo side and just politely hand over all his guns.

    You gotta watch these females they will infect your human DNA code.

    Hex, If only because the other hosts would just stare at her, having never seen a female before, they would be an all too easy prey for Her.

    I am going with Moe "The chin" Branscombe and Mr Eliot Fish. Technically not hosts but involved in the background of the show. These two would pit members against each other weakening their enemies and swoop in for the power grab at the end.

    Funky Furry friends have more bains than human's, they've stayed swining free in the wind where humans suffer trying to find how to be free

    Everyone knows the original is ALWAYS the best. Kapowski wins hands down, heaven knows he deserves it - being one of the earliest casualties in the ABCs quest for reaching a wider audience.
    The current hosts would be taken by surprise while doing their hair and make-up.


    She would beat them all. Since she is the milder and quieter one, who else comes out as a surprise winner. But with gaming and reviewing plus actual real reporting skills. She has the brain and she has the talent!

    I don't care about the prize, I just had to tell people this!

    Kapowski vs Junglist vs Pnutz vs Bajo vs Hex. I think that covers them all.

    The bell rings, and the contestants go into fight. Immediately Pnutz goes for Hex, but Hex manages to avoid the drooling dirty monkey.

    Bajo sees the opportunity to backstab Junglist while Junglist is waving to the adoring fans. Junglist is out before he knows what is going on.

    Kapowski is in the corner still, baffled and confused. He doesn't know where he is, so walks out of the cage and goes home to do whatever he's been doing these last few years.

    Bajo now having the taste of blood, and trying to look the hero - runs straight for Pnutz.

    Hex sees this, and decides to run at Pnutz too. How dare he go for the grope in a cage match!

    A Pnutz sandwich occurs, with his eyes blowing up and popping out of his furry yellow head. Maniacal laughter comes from Hex and Bajo, knowing they are now both only 1 person away from victory.

    Hex winks to Bajo, then lifts up her top. Bajo is first shocked, than appauled. Hex is built just like a barbie doll with no nipples! He covers his eyes in pain, but can not get the image out of his head. As he staggers around, Hex pulls out the 10 rubber chickens and launches them into Bajo's stomach.

    A deafening "Nooooooooo!" is heard bellowing out of Bajo's lips as he falls to the ground, defeated.

    The victor: Hex. The punters knew she had an advantage, but it wasn't exactly what they were expecting.

    Welcome to GG, I'm Jungalist, I'm Bajo & I'm Hex. Well gamers, I'M BACK! Yes you all called out for me & in support of your calls the ABC has listened. On tonight's show you'll see me kicking Hex's ass & Bajo welcoming me back with open arms.
    Ah, hold on there Jung I believe the audience likes my the female version of the Good Game uniform that makes me look so awesome!
    Guys can't we all just get along? Jung, welcome back buddy we all missed you & Hex we can let you wear normal clothes that you would pick for yourself, I know at least one viewer whom would like to see you dress in anything but the uniform.
    I know the ABC has been harsh on us but if we compromise, they might to. And I also know this show would be beyond awesome with all three of us working together as a team. What do you say guys.
    Well Baj it would be great to work with you again & Hex you are mighty fine, I'm in.
    Well Jung, I really admire your passion for gaming & your Terminator impression is second to none, count me in to.
    Winner = Good Game & All Viewers

    Hex of course - after all she's already beaten Junglist.

    Rei would rule supreme in a battle royale. Her superior intellect from her superior intellectual segments is clearly evident. Add to that the fact that she has an amazing array of blue screen backdrops and effects to blind and confuse her fellow host competitors.

    The fact that she is the only host that is seen outside of the life support system that is the studio means her survival skills must be uber l33t as well.

    "Raging Rei!!! Raging Rei!!!"

    P_Nutz would win. His constant irritating and the fact he is a puppet and could hide easier than a full human-sized shape are both advantages. So once it goes down to Hex, Rei and P_Nutz (men don't hit girls, they have the power of boobies), P_Nutz is no man, and therefore can fight any and everyone and thus will ensure (along with his other qualities) victory - at which point the entire australian population will turn on the puppet, making the victory very short-lived.

    Rei would win, because she has elemental magic powers!

    Bajo would win. Against any of them.


    He's a cyborg sent back through time to kill John Connor... but he malfunctioned upon a rough arrival.. Which explains his quirky "off the wall" behaviour.
    After falling madly in love with a NES he developed a deep love of games and eventually came to work on good game (via terminating any competition mind you).

    Therefore, no matter how much any of the other hosts hit, stab or shoot Bajo he'll never stay down, eventually incinerating (with a maniacal half-vacant grin) anyone that challenges him.

    No one would win the ABC would never let such a death match take place.

    I based my argument on Anagrams of real names. I thought it was going to be Rei, with "Yeti Lancer", but Hex got it with "A Bide Hen Snipes Next". Not quite as cool, but a sniper rifle beats a lance any day.

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