WIN! Kotaku’s Big Pile Of Crap!

Wanna see some of the crap we're giving away to one lucky Kotaku reader? Let's delve into the pile and take a look.

As you should know, we're giving away a big pile of crap. I get sent loads of gaming swag throughout the year and, by December, my desk is cluttered with all sorts of crap. So, to clear it out, I'm giving it all away to the reader who provides the most consistently thoughtful, articulate, helpful and worthwhile comments on the site between now and the end of the year.

Of course, when I say "crap" I don't really mean that. There's plenty of cool stuff in the Pile of Crap. Stuff like this: a Cricket Australia cap signed by Ricky Ponting; a boxed copy of Street Fighter IV on PC; a Lips: Number One Hits microphone bundle; a Borderlands spiral-bound notebook; a Batman: Arkham Asylum t-shirt; a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 t-shirt; a Madman Entertainment luggage tag; a PSP UMD of Dissidia: Final Fantasy; Marvel Superhero Squad for Wii; and Need for Speed: Nitro for Wii. So, what do you think: cool or crap?

Oh, and stay tuned for the final pics from the Pile of Crap this afternoon.


    ...Lacks Professor Layton Pocketwatch.

    Borderlands Notebook + Batman T-Shirt please! :D

    More stuff? People mustn't have actually known you HAD a desk - just a pile of game stuff.

    I just wanted the two wii games lol. I love your shirt by the way, is that a new tie? looks great on you.

    Need for Speed: Nitro and Madman tag, Please!! :D

    MW2 shirt and I dissipate FOREVER

    You know, more and more I'm becoming convinced I'm one of what must only be a handful of people who could actually use most of this stuff, as opposed to selling it on ebay.
    I have a PS3, 360, Wii, PSP, and a DS.
    Also, I'm a girl, my husband games, as do my parents, not to mention my 9 year old daughter could make use of the games like Bratz.
    So between us, we've pretty much covered all bases with regards to actually getting use out of the Pile O' crap.
    So yes, this is my long and boring way of saying *mine*.

      Hmm...just because you have a USE for all that crap doesn't mean you should GET all that crap.

    Wow, how deep is this rabbit hole?! Id honestly sell my kidneys to get all this stuff!!

    I bet you havent been in the office for about a year now due to the pile that has been amassing on your desk.

    Did you know that possessing a copy of Manhunt in New Zealand is a criminal offence?

    Hat signed by Ricky Ponting?!, awesome.

    How did you get it signed anyway?

      Never mind that, what's a guy who does nothing but play games all day doing with a CRICKET HAT?!

        Well I’m guessing he got it during the Ashes cricket game promotional period. If that’s the case it makes it all the more awesome because the company that made that game is gone. I play games all day but i love cricket, that hat is seriously the best.

    Nice one Dave, excellent gear here. Personally I want that notepad, I collect themed notepads.

    Oh one more thing, what's Cricket?

    Hmm, not as good as yesterdays update but yesterday's had Warhammer 40K, that cool pocket watch and Total War, pretty much anything would be a come down from that.

    Another hat would be awesome though and the borderlands book looks like a metal album cover. Also there's Batman, everythings better with Batman

    Just HOW MUCH Borderlands merch did gearbox send you? Every day so far, there's been at least 1 piece of it

    "Dear BL diary,

    We made some progress in the wasteland today. Of course, Lilith was in troll mode again and kept 'accidentally' shooting rockets at us, but we glitched her into a wall using the buggy and now she isn't a problem. What a bit-hey, someone wants to play Lips with me!"

    And that MW2 shirt would be fun to wear to LANs just to annoy the neckbeards there. :D

      Lol @ neckbeards because it's so true.

      My football coach had a MASSIVE neckbeard and we kept joking that we would buy him a razor set so he could clean up.

    A Dissidia UMD.....

    It's like its there to tease me. I've still have the case, I just lost the UMD and PSP, so what happens? A Dissidia UMD comes up in the comp.


      Sorry about your loss. I remember when I lost my 1gb memory stick when they used to cost $150. My mum was so pissed.

    Hmm... I notice what appears to be a redesigned microphone in the Lips bundle. Is it just me, or does the black one taper to a point?

    Not that I need it - I bought the first game last year, in preparation for the RB2 patch that added wireless mic support. Pity it took up space until September...

    And that cap is seriously a collectors item. Not every day you get a piece of clothing signed by one of the most successful holders of the second-most powerful position in the country... :P

    How big is your desk that it can hold all this awesome?

    Do you have a desk for all of this, or just a dungeon?

    This set looks very nice. Borderlands and Batman swag, AND Dissidia! I'm going to get a PSP, partly for that, so that would be very nice.

    Gosh this pile of crap keeps getting bigger and bigger.

    Look how cute the little umd case is!

    It will be funny if I wore that MW T-shirt next to my geek friends. I will be god to them. =P

    You certainly get tons of swag throughout the year, Dave. Also that Cricket Australia cap is pretty good. Also that Borderlands spiral notebook would go awesome with the satchel. Doesn't that new Lips game have MC Hammer in it? Oh dear...

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