WIN! Kotaku's Big Pile Of Crap!

My desk is full of crap. T-shirts, mouse pads, stickers, games, knitting needles and wool, hats, bags, press kits, notepads, lanyards, tea bags, CDs and all kinds of gaming paraphernalia. I’d like you to have it.

One “lucky” Kotaku reader will win it all.

Last week I asked you to decide how this competition should be run. I took all your suggestions on board. Well, except the exceptionally silly ones. The one I liked best came from Joel Chan who said: "Since this is a gift for Kotaku’s Reader. Find out who has left the most comments since 15th DEC 08 till 14th DEC 09."

Taking Joel's idea one step further, I'm going to award the Kotaku Big Pile Of Crap to the Kotaku reader who leaves the most thoughtful, articulate, helpful and worthwhile comments on the site between now and the end of the year. The winner won't necessary be the person who leaves the most comments, nor the single best comment. I'm looking for consistency here - quality and quantity, but not at the expense of the other.

Make sense?

Over the next couple of weeks I'll be posting little glimpses of what's in the Big Pile Of Crap. While I'm doing that, you can increase your chance of winning by contributing to the site in a positive fashion. Remember, I approve every comment, so I see everything.

Good luck!


    Well, David, at the risk of sounding like a suck-up, I do say that this may be one of, nay, the most constructive idea at sharing help and not to mention goodwill on these posts.
    I salute your efforts and will immediately cease and desist this mindless crap rambling.
    good luck everyone!

      I like this idea, too. Maybe this could be some kind of ongoing prize give-away type thing, even? I'm thinking something along the lines of employee of the month. Except, instead of a meat tray, its a box of gaming crap.

        or a meat tray. Nothing says "I won a competition" like a meat tray (and giving your flatmate the decorative parsley floating in meat juices ("its regular parsley dude, dont be such a douche....POW salmonella!")

    I am curious to know how you'll do the tally - will it be impression based, or will you keep a spreadsheet?

    I vote spreadsheet. DO IT!

      Clocks: X


          Darius: √

    Very nice. There were some insanely crazy ideas in the 'How to win the crap' thread.

    Will be interesting to see everyones vocabulary instantly grow by a couple of thousand words.

    Best of luck all.

    I can imagine Mr. Wildgoose here sitting in front of the compie with a printed sheet of grid with everyone's name on the left and tally strokes going towards the right hand side.

    Labcoats mandatory :p

      Vel: √

        I totally thought you were doing a fake German accent when I first read this...
        But Vel is his name!
        Vell done me, vell done indeed.

          Vell it's my pseudonym, dankeschön! ;) Bad guess on the gender tho

            Oh... awkward...
            I am vell sorry, Vel.

            Wait, what I meant was...
            There's a girl on the internet OMGWTFBBQ girls don't know how to use computer or the webs or anything! (sorry I'm not very good at that whole being surprised about girls)

        It might be a paper and pen spreadsheet in reality but in my mind its sexy loading bar that represents each contenders tally.

    Great, Now everybody will be talking with the vocabulary of a stuck up University English teacher. Time to break out the thesauruses guys :D

      Jester, if you would like to waste an entire afternoon you should try to find a definitive answer for this question:

      Is it thesauruses or thesauri?

      When you find out, please, do put me out of my misery. :)

    David, You need rules to make your job easier, and to make it easier here is rule 1:

    Anyone who posts in text talk (LOL WTF BBQ MILF etc) and uses emoticons such as :P :) ;) (.)(.) and 8===> should be instantly out of the running.

      OMG I am sooooooo going to be in the running to win this stuff LOL :P I'm going to give it all to my friend for his BDAY, we are so going to be BFF. LOL!!1!

      Anyone who does this at any time should be sent to a farm in the country where they can have lots of space to run around and play.

      I agree, unless, like you've done, it's done as a joke.
      "FIRST!!!" posts and trolling should be instantly disqualified as well.
      Also, wankers.

      What's wrong with seeing a little happy emoticon? It's cute and it makes me smile. :]

    When pondering what to write in here to have me in the running for this big pile o'junk I imagined writing about such laborious topics as the Great R18+ debate, the "FPS vs RTS vs MMORPG" and even the why does EA have to destroy everything good about gaming topics. Well, I settled something that has been burning in my cranium for many a moon now... 'Why is it that we dont see more gaming companies in Australia?'

    I open the forum to you, the reader, to elaborate and help me put an end to this age old question...

    A competition that encourages constructive discussion, what a brilliant idea. I'm wondering, do we get extra points for puns?

    You really read all these posts that need approval? I assumed it was an automated process. With all the crap that gets posted here, I have to ask, how are you still sane?

    I do not believe I'll be able to win, due to a holiday I'm taking soon, however I applaud you on your choice.

    I will still contribute to the site, of course.

      Seconded, unfortunately. I'm off across the ditch for the week from Christmas Day to New Year's Eve.

      Even so, a very good idea. Pity I sometimes use my FB login and sometimes as a guest, so anything from RedIon is also from me.

        Perhaps someone will devise an automated response generator which will post daily witty retorts on this page in an attempt to score the loot.

        - This was sent from my witty retort generator.


            Didn't you listen to Robert Downey Junior? You never go full Retort!

    Jesus, David Wildgoose has dedication to the site if he reads every post. Keep your own crap, you deserve it.


      I suspect him keeping all the crap defeats the point of trying to offload it onto some poor, unsuspecting sod who doesn't know any better.

        I certainly hope that its not a pile of crap in the literal sense. That could be very wrong, not to mention smelly.

    may i just say your looking very handsome today

    Nice, this should be good. Just hope I have time to post some 'worthwhile' comments between now and the New Year.

    David, when can see whats in this big pile of crap?

      Later this afternoon you'll have your first glimpse.

    Wow, David, EVERY post? Have fun with that.

    Well this should be an interesting competition.

    Just one question; is it possible for someone out there to win with only a single comment from today until new year?

      It's possible. But unlikely.

    My mother will be ecstatic if I win a big pile of crap... I'll be able to add it to my many other piles. Sounds interesting.
    Looking forward to the photos :D

    I just noticed that you said that you approve every comment... wow now that's what I call dedication!!!

    He's making a list, and checking it twice.
    Gonna find out who's naughty and nice.
    David Wildgoose, don't mark me a clown!

      Compelled to reply to my own post, by sudden inspiration ...

      He sees you when you're sleeping,
      no court order can break.
      He knows if you've been bad or good,
      but what he hates are those who fake.

      Oh, you better watch out.
      Better not spam.
      Better not pout,
      'cause he don't give a damn.
      David Wildgoose is giving away his crap.

        You're good at that. It's so funny!

    thats a pretty bitching idea, kinda like mini journalism/ forum trolling.

    Only person using their real name to my knowledge therefore I should win

      Wait, what makes you think this isn't my real name?
      Regardless, I suspect those linking with their facebook accounts may be using their real names. Maybe.


        Yeah, Joshy206 is my real name too.

        Full name:

        Joshy206 van Helsing Uber-Berliner McThunderPants

    That sounds like alot of work, so good luck Mr Wildgoose for reading and keeping track of all those comments.
    Not my idea of a relaxing Christmas-New year period but then again I hate spreadsheets.

    The prize pack rocks! I've been given some 'promo' copies over the years (from ps1 days) and they are the full featured versions. The only thing missing are the manuals and seriously am I alone in the fact I rarely look at them anyway?? I'm old school through and through, trial and error (mostly error).

    Open ended question for all 360 users... is anyone else having trouble getting access to the freebies available in the 'countdown to new years' promo?

    DJ HERO has an awesome soundtrack.

    So I'm sitting here enjoying my final 2009 Kotaku AU moments in the closing hours of my second-to-last business day for the year, I just thought it would be timely to advise the Kotaku readership of what could possibly be my proudest achievement of this year.

    I've just reviewed my internet usage statistics at work, and apart from topping the November and December 09 list I would like to announce that my number #1 website is, representing 45.34% of website accesses for the year. (FYI the next one down was Fair Trading which is work related)

    Let me know if you need any more proof that I <3 Kotaku :)

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