WIN! Kotaku's Big Pile Of Crap!

My desk is full of crap. T-shirts, mouse pads, stickers, games, knitting needles and wool, hats, bags, press kits, notepads, lanyards, tea bags, CDs and all kinds of gaming paraphernalia. I'd like you to have it.

One "lucky" Kotaku reader will win it all.

But this isn't the start of the competition. No, before I give it all away, I want you to decide how I'm going to give it away.

In the comments, I want to hear your suggestions for a competition entry mechanic. At the end of the day, I'll pick the one I like the best and then, tomorrow on Monday, the competition will kick off for real.


    Give the crap to whomever can come up with the most outlandish computer game concept that someone would actually buy.

    Either that or spin the bottle.


      Spin the bottle on the Wii

      Nah, you should have said give it all to the first poster.

    I think it would be fair to give everythign to all users who share the email of "[email protected]"

    no spaces, dots, dashes.


      i think whoever can sign [email protected] up to the most number of spam newsletters should win. double points for any that are related to lengthening appendages

    I would suggest something that favours something I am good at to increase my chances of taking the shwag.

    My suggestion is a 100km mountain bike race.

    Who's in you bunch of unfit gamers?

    First person to count to one-hundred.

    Gladiator style. I calls dibs on the trident and net!

    A 100meter sprint IRL
    or a hot dog eating competition

    or if it has to be online-able, then I suggest a raid on IGN boards.

    The best (best being funniest, most fun sounding, most interesting etc) idea for a new game directly based on two other already existing games.

    Like Little Big Planet and Killzone, I'd love to run around with a gun on a distant planet killing those sackmen.

    Or The Legend of Zelda: Return of Kane. Seriously, Kane and Ganondorf teaming up? OMG!

    I vote a midget knife fight, everyone grab your midget give him a knife and the winner takes all.

      Monkey knife fights are better... like Mojo in the simpsons

        Lobster Knife Fight beats both of them..

    Be generous. Stand at the top of a tall building and throw it down at people. If they catch it they keep it, if not...well, if they're not knocked unconscious they can have it anyway.

    "10" word or less why you want the paraphernalia.

    whoever is the first to freak out his friend who is on acid by dressing up in a suit and getting another friend to dress up in a wolf costume and sit on a bed so it looks like the wolf is giving the guy in the suit a blowjob then when your friend on acid walks past you both look up and stare at him.

    like in the shining

    like in what i did on saturday night

    im not kiddin

    Send in an image the subject of which is an anagram of "Kotaku’s Big Pile Of Crap".

    For Example:
    "Capt kirk; bagel of pious"
    "Karate Cop boils up fig, k?"

      +1, this could be very interesting =o

    You know, of all the "crap" you listed as potential prizes, the only one that made me go "ooh!" were the tea bags.

    ... What?
    I like tea, okay?

    i'd say whoever comes up with the best valid argument for the push for 18+ gaming rating ...

    that way people will actually think of something that benefits the gaming community and well get a whole lot of crap on David's table =D

    I think people should guess how many items you are giving away, simple as that. Closest person wins!

    Or use the following equation to three decimal places:

    ((Mouse Pads + Hats) X (Games + Lanyards)) / (Stickers + T-Shirts)

    Hmmmmm, "formulas"..... :)

    A photo showing your useless game-related knowledge that takes you nowhere when in social conversation unless surrouded by others like you.

    Build a Giant catapult to fling your enemies into the sun. Or is that Bungie's idea...

    If that's the case, I vote on a wasabi eating contest. Whoever eats the most wins everything.

    The person who has the most junk on their desk. Photo submission competition.

      dude your on!

    Whoever can guess exactly how many items are on your desk to give away.

    Since this is a gift for Kotaku's Reader.
    Find out who has left the most comments since
    15th DEC 08 till 14th DEC 09.
    Thus we have a winner!

    I am pretty sure the website script can do that.

    How about submit your picture of your work desk, and the most favourite one wins.

    25 Words or less for each of your Top 3 Gaming moments in the last decade.

    who can make the largest round object of crap stuck together like a katamari ball.

      +1 THIS

    Good old treasure hunt. Hide a Santa Sack icon in one of your favourite Kotaku articles through out the year and post some clues for us. First one to send in a screenie of the article with icon wins the loot.

    Guess the smallest size box it will all fit in.

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