WIN! This Darksiders Replica Sword And A PS3

war pose darksiders compIn Darksiders, the hero - War, one of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse - crushes angels and demons alike with his mighty sword, the Chaoseater. Let's check out some of the comics Kotaku readers have made in order to win their own Chaoseater.

For the full details on how you could win a Darksiders Chaoseater sword and a PlayStation 3 console, head over to the original post.

We've already received a bunch of entries from deranged talented readers. Click on the thumbs to open a full size version. UPDATE: Thumb links are now working.


    Thumbs do nothing!


    I can’t seem to open the other entries, its killing me to find out what Jack Sparrow is saying.

    I thought we had to mention the apocalpyse?

    Do we get extra candy if we drew everything by hand? :D

    The one with the baby is hilarious!

    Can't wait to see other entries.

      My little Henry, he's so cute.

    Neat! Good work everyone.

    I'm not going to go down without a fight though. ^^

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