WIN! This Darksiders Replica Sword And A PS3

WIN! This Darksiders Replica Sword And A PS3

war pose darksiders compIn Darksiders, the hero – War, one of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse – crushes angels and demons alike with his mighty sword, the Chaoseater. I bet you’d like to win your own replica Chaoseater. click through to find out how.

Thanks to the lovely people at THQ, we have this stunning Chaoseater replica sword (seen in-game above and in real life below, click to enlarge) and a PlayStation 3 console (of the 120GB Slim variety) to giveaway. The sword is one of only 70 made worldwide to promote Darksiders and stands at four foot in length, from hilt to tip.

One lucky Kotaku reader will walk away with the sword and the console. But how?

Sword photo3Darksiders is from the mind of legendary comic artist Joe Madureira. So it makes sense that we’d ask you to make your own comic to enter this competition. What kind of comic? The only restrictions are that it must be three panels (like any good comic), it must feature the Chaoseater sword (or your best artistic approximation) and it must reference the Apocalypse.

Other than those ground rules, the rest is up to you. Your comic can be hand-drawn or computer illustrated, it can use photos or even screenshots from the game. We’re looking for the best comic, maybe it makes us laugh, maybe it makes us think, maybe – just maybe – it makes us cry.

You’ve got two weeks to get your entry in, as the competition closes on Wednesday, January 6, the very day before the game comes out. Submit your entry to the usual address.

UPDATE: No multiple entries, people. You’ve got to nail it in one.

Good luck!

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  • Thank you, once again, for giving me yet ANOTHER thing to pine over.

    i hope you realise that my dreams will now be haunted by this competition and the need for that sword…

    On the plus side, i can’t wait to get a comic together 😀

    Good luck everyone

      • Awww bugger – lol

        Yeh i got that not too long ago and with x-mas i have been too busy to put up any pics – it’s pretty amazing though.

        Only problem is when it arrived it had all sorts of chips in the paintwork, but i’ll fix that with some citadel paint and cover it with a layer of matt hardcoat to keep it protected.

        Hopefully i’ll have some time to take some shots and post them in the “talk amongst yourselves” thread soon.

        As for the game, i played a bit of “instant action” and have mixed impressions of it.. but thats also because controls will take some getting used to.. i hope to do a review for it on here once i finish arkham asylum

        • That’d be cool dude – hey man if you are on xbox live send me a msg, my GT is dmanwhat
          we can maybe brainstorm some of these kotaku comps 😉

      • LOL. Thanks Joel, but i wouldn’t say i was the king of competitions here.

        That being said i have won quite a few in my somewhat short time on here. But thats only because i put alot of thought into them and always try to think of something that no one else could possibly fathom. My original entry for section 8 was going to be me stealing donuts from a police station – but i asumed the police wouldn’t be too cooperative on that one, so i just dressed in drag with undies on my head and proclaimed shaq fu the best game ever… something the police also wouldn’t be too happy about…

        Simple fact is that ANYONE can win these things and this comp is no different.
        all it takes is one idea – and one thing i have learnt is that Kotaku is a maelstrom of good ideas.

        …That being said i sincerely will be trying my best to win both competitions going at the moment 😛 – then again – who isn’t.

        • I’m sure you’ve already got the “Big pile of crap” comp in the bag 😉

          I hope David will post an honourable mentions post as I’ll love to see all the other entries 😀 (including the great Chuloopas)

  • 🙁 … a comp that requires talent, i’ll give it ago… though I must admit, that would look awesome hanging up on the wall…

    just on the 3 panels, is it literally only 3 panels/pictures, or can we for example create sub-panels, maybe breaking each into 2 or 3?

    lastly, the T&C link isn’t working… there is no link…

  • I’m never too good at art. (Stick figures FTW) But I’ll let my friend know about this competition and let him enter. Good luck to all participants!

  • I don’t have enough time to enter, with a holiday coming up and homework right now, but I look forward to seeing sown entries!

  • Hah, I can just imagine my wife’s reaction if I were to win… “you won a WHAAAT!?”

    (that’d be for the sword, not necessarily the PS3 :p)

  • And I thought the 100page book and War figurine pre-order bonuses were good…

    I have to win this sword! Good thing I’ve got a killer idea already 😉

    (Btw David do you know if they’ve shipped out the boy and his blob prize yet?)

    • Funnily enough I JUST recieved the boy and his blob prize 😛 was missing the art book though which is kinda a bummer… Thanks a lot David and Kotaku!

  • Closes the day before the game is released?
    If you just happen to be talented enough to win the comp and preordered it then you’ll end up with 2 copies of the game =\

  • It’s time to dust off the crayons! Hey Dave, I know you said no mutiple entries, but can I hand draw a version then maybe submit the digital version as well? Is that doubling up? cheers.

  • So say we have a friend that can draw well, but doesn’t care for the competition… Can we get them to draw something and then submit it as our entry?

    • Pretty sure that would be cheating, mate 🙂

      David doesn’t care if you can’t draw.. you don’t even really have to draw it – you could just shop it..

      i think what he’ll be mainly looking for is orignality, content and the ability to make him laugh… as long as your script is good you should be set.

      Bonus points if you do somehow make him cry though…

  • Hey do you mind posting the email address in here please. Whenever i click on the link it tries to open up Outlook which i have no license for yet.


    • Posting the email addy is an open invitation for all sorts of spam bots and other nasties.

      What i always do is open the terms and conditions page and copy/paste the email addy from within there.

      much better option 🙂

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