World At War Map Packs Bundled Up For The Winter

Save $US5 on nine multiplayer maps and three zombie wonderlands with the Call of Duty: World at War Map Pack Bundle, available today on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. Surely someone hasn't bought these yet, right?

The World at War Map Pack Bundle collects all three of Treyarch's expansion packs for the latest World War II iteration of Call of Duty, which could be very convenient for those players who are showing up extremely late to the zombie Nazi party. The pack retails for $US24.99 on the PlayStation Network and 2000 Microsoft points on Xbox Live, which works out to a savings of $US5 either way you look at it. Okay, technically it works out to a savings of $US4.98 on PSN, but pennies aren't real money anyway.

The pack will be available worldwide today for the Xbox 360 and in North America for the PS3, going up on the European PlayStation Store on January 7.


    Pennies aren't real money over here either, but we still have to put up with strange PSN prices.

    What's the bet something's gonna come out with the price $13.69.



        Ah crap!
        Just got the game a few days ago. This was great news. . . until I read your guys posts.

    I only want the 2 later ones. I got the first and decided against getting the other two.
    I understand DLC is released to offer more gameplay but also, and really, more $$$ for the dev's and publishers.

    But they could have made some of the older ones free. Similar to what Bungie did with Halo 3. Those were released with a longer gap between DLC but they were still available for free.

    I'll prob avoid these since i only need Map Pack 2 and 3 and I haven't touched the game in monthssssssss.

    Does anyone play WaW anymore? I'd figure some people might, considering MW2's lacklustre MP. I might pick WaW up then buy this, I think. I've played Zombie Nazis a few times and three new maps for it would be ace.

    ill only buy this for the nazi zombies maps, teh call of duty series needs to have the option to play death matches etc with AI bots for peopel who dont want to play online

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