Would You Like To Join The R.U.S.E. Beta?

Ubisoft's PC real-time strategy title R.U.S.E. kicked off its VIP beta test overnight. Not anyone can join in though, so how'd you like to win the chance?

As the name suggests - or does it? - R.U.S.E. is all about taking the enemy by surprise and subterfuge and bluffing your way to victory. The multiplayer beta initially includes two factions (US and Germany), three maps and a chance for players to experience multiplayer features. Later, four additional factions (USSR, France, Italy and UK), more maps and more game modes will be added.

If you win a code, you'll have to head over to the R.U.S.E. or Ubisoft websites to sign up and enter your code. Then you'll have to download the beta via Steam.

I've got three codes up for grabs and will be dropping one here, one on the Kotaku AU twitter and one on my own personal twitter at some point this morning.

Code #1: RUSE-ANZ-V00V-5CN2-2X4P Code #2 has been deployed on my personal twitter

And what's this...?

It's Code #3 right here, not on the Kotaku AU twitter: RUSE-ANZ-C65R-1EY6-1T1I

Well, it is called R.U.S.E. after all.


    How do we get one?

      By reading the post.

        So, just by hitting F5 in the hopes I'm first to see it?


    I want in!

    damn been looking for one of these :D

    Grats to whoever won it ... just tried and you beat me ... grrrrr

    Damn you guys are quick! It's already gone!

    You raff you ruse!

    Dammit I'm at work and didn't see this post 'til it was too late...
    Can you pretty please with a cherry on top get some Battlefield: Bad Company 2 beta keys!
    I'll have one and you can give the rest away in a comp :P

    Not normally my style of game, but got to say it does look pretty good.

    David do you have a link to your twitter?

      That was part of the challenge.

      All the codes are gone now!

        Ahhhh i get it now :) lol!

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