Would You Pay $US700 For A SNES In Your Pocket?

Spotted on eBay via Technabob. The creator says at full charge it runs about two hours and s/he omitted the L and R buttons because "they are rarely, if ever, used."


    A Pocket SNES would be awesome, but that's not the best one I've seen. It's still better than I could do, but not worth the $700.
    SNES Emulation has gotten to the point where it's possible to play a vast majority of SNES games on almost any smartphone, or on the PSP. I still love original hardware (I must, or I wouldn't have about 9 Amiga machines in various configs at home!), but it's not particularly practical.

    I wish Nintendo would get their act together and get Virtual Console on DS happening. Half of the games on my iPhone are ports or remakes of older titles - if I could buy SNES games on my DS for $5 or even $10 I wouldn't complain.

    Still, it's a cool project and I wouldn't mind doing something like it if I had the time.

    That thing looks like crap... especially when a GP2X is less than $200 US? And it'll play anything you throw at it...

    Actually I don’t think PSP SNES emulation is that good at all really, the roms run really badly for some reason, I’ve seen Mario world run and it was horrible, The emulation programs are often made by some kid on Visual Basic, and if they happen to brick your PSP (something I’ve heard happens a lot) Sony won’t fix your psp. In their terms of service they have a clause that if you screw up your PSP because of homebrew it’s your own problem.

    I know the creator needs to make a little profit, but that mark-up is just ludicrous, for $700 dollars I can buy myself a reasonably good notebook and just run as many roms as I like. I also read the dimensions of this thing on the eBay page, and it’s pretty big, definitely something that wouldn’t fit in your pocket comfortably.

      You obviously don't use PSP homebrew.

        I don’t use PSP’s at all, I’m smart like that

    Well, I can play SNES and NES roms on my Nintendo DSi, so I really don't need a $700 SNES in my pocket when I've only needed to pay $350AU.

    But $700 for a damn POCKET SNES! Nowhere near worth it when you can carry around a netbook with every single game that can play an emulator full-speed for a LOT less than that.

    ?? Why on earth would you get this thing?

    a GP2XWiz from play asia would kick it's ass in emulation (since it's built specifically to do that) and it's also a hell of alot cheaper at $150.

    Link to what the hell I'm talking about:

    L & R rarely used? go to hell.

      Agreed, its HALF a friggen console with the L and R buttons missing for fuck sake.

    No L and R buttons? Hahahah, worthless. Not to mention it's ugly, bulky and chipped around the edges.

    Also, Andrew, SNES emulation is great on the PSP, as is SEGA, MAME, SCUMMVM and even some N64; ALL games on SNES and SEGA, including Mario games, run perfect on my first gen PSP, apart from Donkey Kong Country and Yoshi's Island.

    Also, saying that modding teams hard at work on creating emulation software amounts to "some kid on Visual Basic" is extremely rude and ignorant.

    As for bricking your PSP. It's a joke, and you definitely don't need Sony to fix it for you. You download a free program called Pandora and it unbricks your PSP in 2 minutes, regardless of your PSP type.

    Don't spread misinformation based on your opinions, dude.

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