WoW Is The New Black For Babies

WoW Is The New Black For Babies

pet10Ever wished you could demonstrate your love for World of Warcraft through your new-born child’s jumpsuit? Now you can.

The just-launched Aussie site Nerd Up Your Baby has four WoW-themed designs to order. Not being a WoW player, I don’t understand any of them. But I’m sure they’re hilarious, knowing winks to some in-game event that will mean something to you.

Gaming Onesies [Nerd Up your Baby]


  • I’m sure the WoW crowd will eat ’em up.

    I was quite happy putting my boy in Ozzy Osbourne and Judas Priest jumpsuits, so I’m in no position to judge/laugh.

    Let us know if they ever get around to mini Xbox360 or Dualshock3 controllers for toddlers.

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