WoW's Official Magazine Finally Breaks Cover

The official World of Warcraft magazine, which has been coming for what feels like years now, still isn't out. That's the bad news. Good news? The mag's site finally gives us a good look at the publication.

Each 148-page issue is funded solely through subscriptions (and, presumably, Blizzard), so there'll be no ads. Just articles and pictures. Below, you can see what those articles and pictures will look like, each $US10 issue (available only through an annual subscription) claiming to be "more like a softcover book than a magazine".

Which sounds ridiculous, but to WoW fans - who will buy this in their thousands - it rings as true as it can ring.

World of Warcraft Official Magazine [thanks Neil!]


    Yeah, the WoWers will snap it up in droves. Too bad it's subscription only, or elese it'd get them out of the house and down to the newsagents to buy them.


    Is now really the right time to debut a magazine?, print media sales are at an all time low, and I just think this wont kick on, when I actually had a subscription to wow only one in maybe twenty people had any knowledge of the Warcraft world and even less people wanted to find out more about it, the overwhelming amount of people just played because they got hooked onto the grind fest. But I guess Blizzard are already swimming in a pool of cash Scrooge McDuck style so not making so much money on this wont phase them too much.

    I'm not sure about that Joshua - if LIFE won't get them out of the house, it'd have to be a damn impressive magazine to do that, even if it is a WoW mag. Maybe if it came with +10 healing.

    The sad/interesting thing is that there's a bunch of magazines that are closing down for lack of interest, yet there's enough of a market to produce a 148 page magazine without ads solely for World of Warcraft? Pretty amazing that there's that kind of potential, but sad for magazines like EGM that built up a userbase only to be closed down for lack of funding.

      Haha. Yeah, a lot of quality gaming mags closed due to lack on funding and a WoW magazine - which frankly could hardly provide anything new compared to the hordes of pretty good quality WoW sites out there, can start up. I don't know about that lcb, sure the TCG was a success, but part of it was the tie-in with the MMO. I'm expecting a free pet or some other Blizzard-esque reward for signing up.

    The wow TCG was a success so will this

    "Yeah, the WoWers will snap it up in droves. Too bad it’s subscription only, or elese it’d get them out of the house and down to the newsagents to buy them.


    Comment of the year lol.

    As an ex WoW who was thinking of returning to the game, I've always found it curious the way 'regular' gamers pile the hate and backhanded remarks at WoW gamers but bubble with rage when the same generalisations are made of them by non-gamers and the media.

    It's like the old bully pecking order in school. Can't we all just get along?

    Also I'm totally subscribing to this magazine, looks fantastic.

      People are angry, people who play games are also angry. It will come out sooner or later, so you learn to deal with it after a while.

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