Xbox 360 Game Helps You Talk To Girls

For some, talking to girls is hard. For others, talking is hard. Xbox 360 downloadable indie title Don't Be Nervous Talking 2 Girls might be able to offer help.

Or at least offer something for you to point and laugh at. Because that is one tall roller coaster.

Available for 80 Microsoft Points, so leave now before I call the police.

Xbox 360 Game Wants To Help You Talk To Women [Siliconera]


    I'm seeing the potential for an indie game helping gamer girls fight off the awkward advances spawned by this game.

      I think your average gamer girl already has sufficient defenses against awkward advances, it's not like they haven't experienced them before.

    Just for the record, my wife’s only thought on this was ‘ewwww’. Just don’t break into song about how much you love physics (or anything for that matter) and you’ll do fine.

    I actually think this is a good idea to teach some basic etiquette and ways to handle what can start out as an awkward conversation. I've been in a relationship for 4 years now (yes, a real one, living together and all that) so it's not much use to me (ignoring the fact we can't play Indie XBLA games), but a typical gamer or someone with anti-social behaviours could benefit from it. Heck anyone/everyone that needs 10 drinks (6 for her 4 for you or vice versa) to approach a girl could do with a bit of training.

    I think there should be a contest to see how well we can work the phrase "That is one tall roller-coaster" into casual conversation...

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