Xbox 360 Modern Warfare 2 Patched Up, All Better

A patch for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has hit Xbox LIVE, fixing exploits like the Akimbo glitch. Hooray.

The patch is live on US servers, so if you live there, download. If it's live elsewhere, you can download it as well. So there you go.

Thanks to all who sent this in!


    Hate to sound like a broken record, but does THIS ONE address matchmaking?

      This Patch Does not include patch 1.05 which the PS3 and PC had, which addresses the match making issues, like getting into low ping servers and other various bugs. The reason why Xbox 360 has not received the patch 1.05 is because for some reason the firmware on the Xbox cant use that patch properly. Tho they are working on a patch for matchmaking for the Xbox 360 the infinity wards team will not be back til Jan.. don't expect a patch fora few weeks.

      I was playing last night and if anything the matchmaking seemed worse. Couldn't get an aussie game at all.

        Same thng happened to us. We were on last night and almost nothingm just red ping. Massively poor and frustration to the a

          Same here - matchmaking is even worse.

          Jesus, IW, how hard is it to at least include the local match filter Treyarch featured in WAW?

    Doesn't make us PC gamers feel better. I still get shocking framerates or horrible lag one way or another. Wish they'd hurry up and fix THAT problem.

    what a joke. if they weren't total dicks about it from the start and just used a similar system that treyarch used for WaW we wouldn't have a problem.

    Akimbo 1887 was horrid to play against but a joy to play with. But I'd much rather have them toned down than use 'em myself.

    Just a shame a matchmaking fix is such a long way off. I'm coping alright with the lag, but with speedtest telling me I've got a 13ms ping and I'm only getting yellow tops, it's quite infuriating. I'd rather not cope, I'd like to be on a level playing field please.

      Totally agree.
      Im usually patient and understand that not everything goes smoothly when a game releases and developers sometimes need to work on patches.
      But when a previous game in the series does matchmaking so well it makes it so much more frustrating.

      where are you doing your speedtest TO though? to get any idea of how reliable your connection will be, you should at least do it to the other side of the country.

      Besides, unless i am actually host, i normally have better games on red bar than i do on green bar. its a very strange system that IW has put in this one.

    There was an Akimbo glitch?!?! Sure you don't mean "they nerfed the 1887's"?

    I'm still finding the 1887's overpowered. Certainly I'm not being owned majorly anymore, but I'm still being killed from a fair distance away. Anyone else noticed this?

      I am finding that too, Joshua. They have been toned down a bit (emphasis on bit) but they aren't what I would call 'Re-balanced'.

      And I have also noticed the Matchmaking to take longer to find an Australian room with v1.3 than I was with all the glitched rooms. That's Patch 2 out of 2 failed...

      I have noticed one thing with the Matchmaking system though; it always does seem to find atleast one Aussie, just hardly any an Aussie hosted room, pretty much everygame I see 10/12 people on Full Green, then myself and another Australian on Yellow/Red.

      Anybody else getting this impression or do I just seem to look in the right lobbies?

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