Yakuza 3 Turns Up On Amazon Germany

Yup. This again. Dare to dream. A listing for Yakuza 3 has appeared on Amazon Germany's site, and while we normally wouldn't bother with mysterious retail listings, Amazon Germany have quite the track record.

It says it'll be out in March 2010, will cost €63 (USD$94) and... says nothing else.

So far, so good! Remember, though, this is still a retail listing, Amazon Germany or not, and retail listings can often be things of pure fantasy. EB Games in Australia, for example once had Halo on PS2 available for pre-order. For years.

Another couple of things counting against it: Sega are listed as publishers, when we'd heard someone else would be distributing the game in Europe, and the game apparently earned an 18 rating from the USK, even though the USK's records say nothing of the sort.

Ah well. Like we said: dare to dream!


    Hitler wanted so bad to play it so he pulled some strings on the old Axis of Power alliances..too bad France missed out

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