You May Own This Devil May Cry Sword

Capcom US's online store is selling this Devil May Cry 4 Red Queen sword. It's 42 inches long with a red leather-wrapped grip and a stainless steel blade. Each sword has its own serial number and can cut you.

Comes with a hanging plaque. Yours for US$229.95.

Capcom US [Capcom vis Capcom Unity]


    So... insanely... awesome...

    However, I can imagine customs not really allowing me to import this... *le sigh*

      Australia? My dad imported a heap of custom swords and what have you from Bali and Japan last year. He said they were for religious reasons and got passed.

      Oh and that nis the coolest looking tribute blade i've seen.

    I liked Nero's sword, but this isn't it, this is just one of the guard's swords. Nero's seems to have a bigger engine, at least in game.

    The Engine isn't that big of a deal. as long as it's red then it's red queen, albeit a less modified version.

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