You Run A Big Game Publisher In 2010... What Will You Do?

Cast aside those ratty sneakers and step into the expensive, well-polished shoes of the CEO of a big-name video game publisher. What changes would you make to ensure the success of your business in 2010?

Welcome to the first installment of "What Will You Do?", where we have our readers tell us what they'd do in order to ensure that 2010 is a better year for gaming than 2009. For this installment, assume the role of the head of a prominent video game publisher. You know, the ones that start with vowels and have been around for ages. You hold in your hands the power to determine what types of games get the triple-A treatment, which genres are focused on, and what sectors of the game industry your company should focus on.

You've got the big desk and the nice view. Someone will be bringing in your lunch shortly. Ready? Begin.


    Ok, so I would work on a Zombie MMORPGFPS kinda morph. With elements and ideas grabbed from l4d(and 2), the zombie rts games, the zombie mods. Although mostly about surviving as Human in a zombie city. Barricading, stock piling, quests to find specific items to help you defend yourself. Partying along with perhaps some AI Allies and interactions. Have survivor cities and zombies sieges against them at specific times where a whole lot of survivors can gain experience by saving the survivor strong hold. "Hot spot" s that are essentially the dungeons of the zombie game ie specific hospitals, supermarkets etc have heaps of zombies and are used for grinding or leveling or whatever.

    More ideas in this brain but drawing a blank atm...

      Yeah I was thinking of the same kinda thing.

      Man they would get so much money out of me if they did that right.

        Well I reckon if they had a low purchase fee for the initial game, like $30, and then subscription of $5 a month or something low so its not a big deal. 14 day trial run with full access. They'd do awesome. I seriously can't see why no one has tried it yet.

    Get work started on a Harry Potter MMO ASAP. That's a cash machine waiting to be made if ever there was one.

      no problems, I'll take the Twilight franchise then... see you in the Billionaires Club later this year! :)

    well if it was activision to make next year better for gaming id sell of all its assests perminately shut down world of warcraft (the devoureror of souls)sell all my stock and then essentially do what ever i can to make the company bankrupt

      Bobby Kotick doesn't need your help trashing Activision. He's doing just fine on his own.

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