You're A Game Developer In 2010... What Will You Do?

You can't believe you got a job doing this. Your mum said you would never get anywhere with these games. Now you're a big game developer. What will you do to ensure 2010 is a better year than 2009?

It's not all about tightening up the graphics. Game developers create the games we play, sure, but the choices they make while creating said games have a huge impact on the game industry as a whole. Do they focus on traditional games that are sure to pull in an established audience and secure publishing, or invest time and money on a new game concept that may or may not meet with success? Should your games appeal to a casual audience, or is it time to court the hardcore? So many decisions. Luckily we've got commenting space to spare.

Awwww, hurry up, the boss is coming in!


    What the f—k is this?

    Avoid casual like the plague the oment i hear the word casual for any developers mouth or press release i tune out accessability from a game developer translates to insultingly easy adn stupidly simple i say pick your audience if you making the looney tunes game for 4 year olds then make it accessable and easy but if you making say captain slaughters gore filled island of death 7 then give us a fair difficulty and crisp comprehensive controlls i say this because all the people i know who are gamers (100+) are gamers because they started when they were kids and that means they know thier way around a controller.

    i understand the appeal to have mass market appeal but what works for one demographic may not or will not work for another for instance i have no interest in peggle just as my mum has no interest in Gears of war so please game devs stop trying to ball these vastly different types of games together


    dude, take a breath. I counted 1 full stop.

    as for what us devs are going to do... it would appear the casual market is the most profitable at the moment. Things are still slow in NSW but they're definitely moving.

    As you said - it's not about tightening graphics, it's more about gameplay. More and more the trend is turning to games whereby people have more freedom to explore their surroundings and have more freedom of movement rather than simply having an invisible wall or a fence reaching your hips that you can't hurdle. See games like GTAIV, the various Stalker games, the free-roaming Prototype, not to mention the free-running Assassin's Creed(s) for some good examples. The Modern Warfare(s) also opened up these doors by widening the roaming range of their maps and diversifying the range and types of game play.

    It seems that graphics have pretty much gotten to the point whereby people are looking to either larger maps for them to explore or the smaller arena-esque games which are perfect for both the casual gamers and the most hardcore.

    I'm hoping next year will also see the fall of World of Warcraft, with other players, elite an non-elite diversifying their tastes and giving other MMOs a chance. I for one am looking forward to The Secret World, hopefully another Nintendo Great (Metroid/Zelda), FFXIII, Stalker: Call of Pripyat, and hearing more about a Mirror's Edge sequal.

    Whatever the publishers tell us to do

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