You're A Video Game Retailer In 2010...What Will You Do?

Whether you're a hard-working entrepreneur running your own store or a corporate executive overseeing a worldwide chain, what will you do as a video game retailer to make 2010 a better year for the game industry than 2009?

We've already explored the world of game publishing in 2010 from our reader's point of view, and now our second installment of "What Will You Do?" takes a look at the place people buy video games. How can retail video game outlets improve the industry in the coming year? Retailers are a powerful force in video gaming, having a say in what games will be stocked and in what quantities and how games are marketed to players, while also playing an important role as the consumer's direct-link to the games industry, giving newcomers their first impressions of the hobby we know and love. Retailers are also responsible for the used video game market, which grows larger and (some would say) more threatening every day.

Flip on the neon open sign and get to work!


    band together with other retailers to force downt he rediculous prices we pay for games here $60 in the states $120 here. exchange rates mean that people state side only pay $66-$67 AUD so theres a $55 markup which is just plain wrong

      Yes the prices are terribad, but I'm sure that if games retailers banded together they would actually raise prices, with all that competition gone.

    sell banned and uncensored games

    HaHa! Nice try EB Games!!!

    If I come up with any earth shattering ideas I'll keep 'em to myself, thank you!!

    As a chain owner: Forge a relationship with publishers that is based on the following agreements:

    A) My outlets do not sell resold games giving massive profit to me and massively undercutting publishers profits.

    B) In exchange for this consession:
    B.1: Publishers give me all the new games one full month or at least two weeks ahead of all other retail franchises. And allow me to sell at this time.
    B.2: Publishers distribute the mechandise to me at a discount allowing my outlets to sell below RRP

    With these changes, both consumers, publishers/developers stop getting screwed. But the opposition in the market, the retailers doing said screwing, get screwed in turn.

      Really? You'd ask publishers to undercut their biggest retail partners because you don't sell preowned games, and therefore feel you have the higher moral ground? You want publishers to sign up for a deal with you that screws (using Australia as an example) EB Games, GAME, JB HiFi, Gametraders, et al, and gives you a major advantage against most other retailers that sell video games, all because you feel you're a pretty nice guy?

      Good luck with that.

      While it is certainly a noble endeavour to try to convince publishers to go on an honour system (extremely naive, but noble), it's just not going to happen. Doing so would screw a large percentile of the retailers they rely on to get their games out to the public, and said retailers certainly wouldn't support such a system. Why would a retailer stock a particular publisher's games when they won't get them to sell until a month after you? And really, since you don't take trade-ins, people are still going to trade their games into these other retailers, and the same retailers will turn around and sell said games at a large mark-up, as they do now.

      And while it seems like it would help consumers (slightly reduced price is really the only benefit, and JB HiFi generally sells $20-$30 below RRP anyway), how many of Australia's population that would purchase a game on release are living close to your stores? How many people would have to wait up to a month after everyone else to purchase a game that they should be able to play day-one, just because you aren't located anywhere near them?

      In reality, the only person a scheme like this would benefit is you. And to do so, you'd be screwing a huge percentage of consumers, as well as destroying a large percentage of publishers' market coverage.

      So yeah, not gonna happen.

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