11-Year-Old Kiwi Girl Chases Xbox Robber With Crutch

In a roundabout way, one New Zealand girl got her stolen Xbox back.

Wellington-based newspaper The Dominion Post tells the tale of 11-year-old Rena Sciascia, whose dad was too hobbled by a broken leg to chase a burglar who bolted from the Sciascia's home earlier this week with Rena's iPod and Xbox in hand.

Rena grabbed dad's crutch and gave chase. She told the paper:

"I was scared but I wanted my Xbox and iPod back. I saw him trying to put on a hoodie but as soon as he saw me he sprinted off."

She lost him after a 500-metre chase.

The police later tracked down the alleged burglar. Rena's iPod was lost, but her Xbox was found in a bush near the family's home.

Dad seems proud. Mum, too. Here she is: "[Rena]does not tolerate any injustice. I am extremely proud of her but have told her about the potential danger."

Rena determined to catch burglar [The Dominion Post][PIC]


    brave girl.

    I'd chase down someone with more than a crutch if they stole from me :p

    Good on her

    The Theif had bad priorities

    seriously, keeping an ipod and leaving an Xbox? Must've been an arcade :P

      I think speed was on his mind.

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