2009's Top Five Selling Games In Japan

Last year is so... last year. This being January, it is time to look back at some numbers Famitsu publisher Enterbrain has crunched.

The data, just released today, was collected between December 29, 2008 and December 27, 2009.

5. Final Fantasy XIII Launch: December 17, 2009 Estimated Sales Tally: 1,698,256 copies

4. Tomodachi Collection Launch: June 18, 2009 Estimated Sales Tally: 2,311,948 copies

3. New Super Mario Bros. Wii Launch: December 3, 2009 Estimated Sales Tally: 2,485,150 copies

2. Pocket Monsters HeartGold/SoulSilver Launch: September 12, 2009 Estimated Sales Tally: 3,382,597 copies

1. Dragon Quest IX Launch: July 11, 2009 Estimated Sales Tally: 4,100,968 copies

When you think of Japan, think Nintendo and Square Enix. Think of me as well.


    Wow! Go FFXIII! Already top 5!

    man i can't wait till HeartGold and SoulSilver hit Australia. Froth...

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