360 Avatars Get Dead Space, NBA & NCAA Outfits

360 Avatars Get Dead Space, NBA & NCAA Outfits

Not everybody has the day off today, it seems, as somebody at Microsoft had to be around to flick the switch on new avatar clothing ranges that include Dead Space cosplay and official NBA & NCAA jerseys.

Dead Space fans can choose from a variety of t-shirts, along with an Isaac outfit and a little model of the Ishimura, while sports types have a full range of official NBA and NCAA football jerseys.

Before you ask, yes, the sports gear is cheaper than the NFL stuff from a few months back.

[Avatar Marketplace]


  • Sweet. Though I wish they would release more Fallout 3 gear (specifically props like Dogmeat or Fawkes to accompany your avatar, that’d be killer) or for Prototype stuff. It would be awesome to have Bladefist or Claws for your avatar, they’d look sweet as. I don’t purchase much avatar stuff (to this date, only bought the Vault Boy suit and head), but those items I listed above would sell themselves to me.

  • Awesomeness!
    Ill be getting my Michigan Wolverines gear today for sure.

    All they need now is for microsoft australia to bring out a range of NRL, A-League and Cricketing gear for the avatars!

  • Prototype stuff would be pretty cool. But I personally will never pay money for any of these little pieces of clothing for an avatar that is essentially never used. If the clothes are free (like the odst suit from Halo Waypoint) I’ll try it out even if noone see it. I really think microsoft need to start finding more interesting ways to use these little guys for them to actually be useful.

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