3D Dot Heroes Does Not Need More Dots

Atlus has dropped off the first localised screens for Silicon Studio's 3D Dot Heroes for the PlayStation 3, and I'd be remiss in my duties if I didn't point out how blocky the graphics are.

Then again, I suppose that is the point. Call it a Zelda ripoff, or call it a tribute to retro gaming, whatever 3D Dot Heroes is trying to do, at least it's doing it in an intriguing and humorous fashion. "You might not know this, but the Flame Temple is full of raging fire!" You don't say.

3D Dot Heroes is making its way to North American PlayStation 3 consoles in May.


    "You must touch the sage inside of me!"
    The immature teen in me is laughing at that line.

    Game looks like a bit of fun, at any rate.


      Why has she put sage there.
      Is she cooking a turkey?

    I like the look, but I dont know why they went with such a desaturated colour pallet

    i wonder what it would look like if all the 'dots' didn't have the little keyline around them?

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