3D Technology Invades CES, Gaming, Glasses?

Have you heard? 3D is the new it tech for 2010. Thanks to the staggering success of 3D film Avatar everyone seems to be hopping on board the third-dimension wagon.

Unfortunately, that doesn't mean we're going to be treated to a wave of new schlocky science-fiction movies and beloved franchises turned 3D with surrealistic effect. (Three Stooges in 3D, anyone?)

Instead peripheral makers, television manufacturers and television channels are all rolling out technology that will likely be obsolete before the decade even hits its teens.

Many of these geewiz gadgets are debuting this week at the Consumer Electronics Show. Just today San Diego-based GUNNAR Optiks, maker of gaming glasses, announced a new line of 3D glasses for gaming

These high-end glasses will work with standard 3D televisions and monitors, but, GUNNAR says, their glasses will feature distortion-free optics and ergonomic design.

"While typical 3D eyewear is stamped from a flat sheet of plastic, GUNNAR lenses are shaped, formed and cut to provide distortion free optics," said Joe Croft, co-founder of GUNNAR and EVP of Research Design & Development. "For the amount of technology and effort that goes into the creation and delivery of the content, it is a shame that the weakest link in any 3D system today is the eyewear used to view the final product. We are proud to announce our success in creating lenses of the highest optical quality to give a premium visual experience."

The glasses will start hitting later this year for $US89 to $US149 a pop. Glasses-free 3D, hopefully, will be hitting in a few more years. You do the maths.


    I know 3D is the next big step in visual technology but companies have to fugure out a way to incorparate the technology into the current TVs of today. at the moment 3D is only a gimmick and really needs to be rolled put en masse before people would justify spending numerous 1000's of $$$ on a tv that is 3D capable but not having any 3D media to play.

      Avatar, schmavatar, more gimmicks and crappery to sell to try and create and evermore tenuous link between product and hardware.

      Ill stick to old schoolin it up until they release temporal jacks thank you very much, and then I will be in like Flynn...

      Mmmm images direct to brain.

        Lol @ crappery

    i lieked avatar in 3d but im not abut to go out and buy a $10000 TV just to watch it in 3d perhaps in 5 years when 3D tv are cheaper but definatly not now

    Avatar was a cinematic milestone. It showed that both CG technology and 3D technology have made the jump and become good enough for real use. However, the problem is crap like this. Trying to shoehorn everything into 3D is a terrible idea. Avatar worked because it was designed from the ground up for 3D by an incredibly talented team the size of a small city over several years and headed by a seasoned and talented project director.

    This will just end up as more migraine inducing 4th wall breakage.

    I would like to point out that Avatar was also a shocking film.

    Thin, crappy plotline.
    Characters basically hemmed together out of whats popular right now on deviant and with the indie kiddies.
    Not in any way, and I mean any, unique new or original other than the fact its 3D and has a budget out the ass.
    Bet I could make something look really good if I had that much money and a team that big under me.

    And yet still, with all that cash, they couldnt write a script.

    Ho hum.

      Ok, you've made me feel good :) I was dying to go see this film after all the good I had heard about it. So, yesterday I took the kids in to watch it. All I can say was 'wow' when I first started seeing the realism in Pandora, at night was particularly good.
      BUT, I was bored with the plot after 30 mins. I found the 'fututistic' ships in the 'human' scenes to be painfull to watch. Just so...hmmm plastic. Just as I get into the pandora world, its ruined and jarred by the weak story....

      Best was I can sum up the movie is this.
      Its a 'Duplo' movie, made with a 'technical lego' budget.

      *sigh* so disapointed. (I even started nodding off during the last 20 mins or so, not a good sign)

    Yeh, thats it man, all hype no content. And when you now the real reason why he wanted to make this 3d, in a vain attempt to kill off piracy and draw people to the cinema again..

    Personally, I think District 9 did a better job at seamless integration, in a universe that was well realised, believable, and with a classic sci fi theme, and didnt have to bow to gimmicks.

    Maybe he should try hiring a writer, and developing content. Just saying people, all you talk about is how glitzy and nice this looks.

    Lets just think for a moment about how we all feel when devs put their budgets into graphics and CGI and no gameplay.

    This isnt a film, its a 162 minute intro movie for a bad game.

    You all missed the point of the film, DEM TREES.

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