96-Hour Marathon Allegedly Blinds Chinese Gamer

In the name of science - or because his domestic situation was driving him nuts - a Chinese man played games at a cyber cafe for four straight days. The good news? That will only temporarily blind you.

Unlike porn, which yada yada insert joke here rimshot hey-oooo. Anyway, according to the China Daily, a man of indeterminate age named Xu, of Xining, had been quarrelling with his wife and then embarked on an online game marathon at a local cafe. Doctors said Xu complained of losing his vision, but apparently it was only temporary. I'm sure the 96 straight hours without a wink had nothing to do with this, either.

Since this has happened before (also in China), I hope that game makers will add a "don't play this for 96 hours" surgeon general's warning to the "Important Health Warning About Playing Video Games" that no one reads in the front of the manual. Man Goes Blind Playing Computer Games [Asbury Park Press via Hot Blooded Gaming]


    That's bad, and it's only going to contribute to the government's already biased view towards video games. And you know it's the game that will take the flack... like as though this kind of thing happens often? But of course, it couldn't possibly be the guys personal/mental issues...

      doing anything that requires more than a day is not suppose to be support regardless what sport, event, activity it might be...

      you can't just keep using idiots as examples of how gaming is affecting our lifestyles, the only people that really get affected by retards like Atkinson is those who don't play video games obviously, all they give a shit about is.. "omg violence lets blame something, wait a minute GTA, MW2, ban ban ban i'm a redneck douchbag and gaming has ruined my life even though i've never touched one"

      who gives a flying f*.. if a guy decides to play it for 96 hours its cos hes f*...ing stupid

    He certainly smoked the so called world record for playing a video game continuously, by that dude who clocked up 40 hours on GTA 4.

    Another important question:

    What was he playing during his 96 hours at the internet cafe?

      Farming for gold to sell to imperialist foreign devil americans...?

    I'm sure people have watched television for more than 96 hours straight... were they blinded?

      No, they fell asleep on the couch

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