A New Year's Message From Square Enix's President

To kick off 2010, Square Enix boss Yoichi Wada has issued a public statement outlining the publishers corporate goals as they head into the new year. And that goal is? "Taking Root".

Which doesn't really explain it too well, so let's allow his Imperial Hotness to elaborate.

"In the near future, the rate of convergence between video games and other digital entertainment content will only continue to accelerate", Wada said in the statement. "It is for that reason we will make 2010 a year of taking root, in which we use this environment of change as an opportunity for establishing a strong foothold with which to lead the global entertainment industry".

"Taking root" doesn't really capture the scale of that goal, does it? He's not saying "in 2010 we'll make more games", he's saying "in 2010 we want to start moving towards competing with movie studios".

You reach for those stars, Wada!

In case you're wondering whether this comes out of the blue or something, no, it does not; it's custom in Japan to send New Year's cards like Westerners send Christmas cards, containing news, updates and goals for the future. Japanese companies are no different, only instead of cards, they send out "statements".


    I don’t mean to burst their bubble, but does no one remember what happened last time Square wanted to take on the movie studios?, they made a movie that lost about 100 million dollars and forced Square into a merger, and it set video game movies back 10 years in Hollywood. I’ll all for expanding into other digital entertainment by perhaps making more cinematic games, but Square should do themselves a favour and forget they ever knew what a movie was.

    But I’m guessing with this talk of other types of digital entertainment, it wouldn’t surprise me if they announced a few Pihone titles soon, or maybe another FF movie.

      I’d also like to say that I totally meant to write “Pihone” as well

      Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within was a fail, but Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children was quite a big hit. You or other people might not like it (we're all entitled to our own opinions, no?), but you can't say it wasn't successful.

      About the iPhone titles, yes, they're already thinking/developing for it.

        Yes, I was referring to the FF spirits within movie, and I do own and like Advent Children, but that movie was hardly taking on the movie studios, hell it never got a theatre release (at least in the states anyway). I don’t know what the budget was, but I doubt it was even half of the spirits within budget.

        The advent children formula was good, known characters, reasonably simple plot, smaller budget, CGI and biggest of all it was actually based on one of the games. (though I’ve heard crazy theories that the entire spirits within movie can be interpreted as the first half of FF7 if you use your imagination). Square should know better, make stuff that appeals to its fan base, not to the masses.

    To be fair, they improved? They did spirits withing, and then advent children (a marked improvement), go for it square! make another FF move :) but it has to have chocobos, thats whil Spirits withing didnt go well, it had cid but no chocobos :)

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