About The Time Andy Garcia Visited SEGA's Sonic Team

Earlier this month, SEGA's Sonic Team, the arm of the studio responsible for Sonic the Hedgehog games, received an unexpected call. It was from Hollywood actor Andy Garcia.

Garcia is best known for his roles in The Untouchables and Ocean's 11. He also appeared in the Ridley Scott film Black Rain, which is set in Osaka — but oddly, the Japanese actors do not speak the Osaka dialect in the film.

The actor was in Japan for work and just before he was supposed to head back home, Garcia's people unexpectedly contacted SEGA, requesting a private visit. The star's son, it seems, is a big fan of Sonic Team.

Garcia showed up in an extremely practical vehicle for Japanese city streets, and SEGA security ushered in the actor so he could meet with the team and check out what they are working on. When asked if his son likes Sonic, Garcia replied that he liked the character as well.

Let's hope that isn't a look of disgust on Garcia's face.

ソニックチャンネル スタッフコラム:ソニックチームに驚きのお客様!! [Sonic Channel]


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