After Burner Climax Coming To US, Europe This "Spring"

After Burner Climax is coming to Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Networks, something we've known for months now. But Sega is making it official, pegging the game for digital release sometime this spring.

One of Sega's official blogs puts the XBLA and PSN port of the arcade game - both handled by development team AM2 - for a Q2 2010 release in Europe. The ESRB has just rated the game E10+, so a North American release is similarly imminent. The game has not yet appeared on Microsoft's official schedule for XBLA releases.

But we'll be playing After Burner Climax at some point in the coming months, happily reviewing the high speed arcade dog fighting game for Kotaku.


    Having never played an After Burner game before, this looks to me like Ace Combat meets Star Fox.

    I swear this would play AWESOMELY with the PS-Arc. Like you point the crosshairs at the screen, rotate the controller for navigation, and hold the controller like you would a stick instead of the uncomfortable way the flying game Wii Sports Resort did.

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