Alan Wake & The Case Of The Murderous Midnight Tractor

Darkness, a man in a jacket, flashlights... yup, Alan Wake is back with some new screenshots, to get you excited for a game that still feels like it's never going to actually come out.


    WOW... they look... identical to the last lot? o_0

    Oooh! Some *flashlights*!

    At least Alan Wake isn't a game thats being delayed after delay. It was just never announced for a release until last years E3.

    I'm more pissed off with Conviction, still!

    Alan Wake - oh so beautiful.

    As interesting as this game looks, it reminds me a little bit too much of Lost. Just the feeling that it's going to be very mysterious and ominous and it will really make use of suspense and tension but in the end it will be all style and no substance. There won't be any answers, there won't be any real payoff. I could be wrong, but if its going to be episodic, its not something I can really rent to find out.

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