Aliens VS. Predator Kill Moves Are A Tad Bit Graphic

Actually they aren't too bad, provided you turn the sound down a little and keep your hand away from the pause button. Pause is not your friend here.

It's hard to tell who at developer Rebellion is having more fun making this game - the animation guys, figuring out creative new ways to mangle 3D models, or the sound people, working on the screams, hisses and juicier bits involved with the kill moves in Aliens vs. Predator. I suppose it's entirely possible that they're simply recycling old sounds, but I'd like to imagine that somewhere right now a man is taking out his frustration on a watermelon with the pointy-end of a claw hammer, surrounded by microphones.


    Can't wait.

    mmmmm cant wait my EB gift card will be put to good use :)

    theyre a tad bit awesome. cant wait. the sound of the marines guns brings back so many memories.

    hell motherfuckin yeah

    got mine ordered this ame should really be an 18+ rating but our inferior system cant handle that

    it's perfectly suitable for an 15+ audience.

    Heading should read:
    Aliens VS. Predator Kill Moves Are A Tad Bit AWESOME!

    *jizzes in pants*

    Some people just need to man up a bit, there is no such thing as violence in games being TOO graphic :P

    I'm so happy I've got the collectors edition pre-ordered. This is just pure win.

      Where can you order it?

        Nevermind, just saw it up on JB hifi, $120 for hunter edition for PC or $135 for xbox/ps3. While I normally prefer 360 versions for achievements, I think this sort of game needs to be played up close and personal on a computer monitor!

          Nah, it needs to be played on yr own in the dark at two a.m. about 3ft away from a 3m projection screen.

    Goodbye left kidney, hello awesomeness!!

    I only really wanted the survivor edition, but I am seriously thinking of buying the predator edition, just as a reward to the developer for taking on Australians rating system and winning. I really did think they didn't have a chance,

    LOL I can't wait for this game. I don't understand how it got pass the board though, Sega must of thrown tons of money under the table.

    can someone explain to me why all the acidic blood flying everywhere in all these trailers seems to have NO effect?

    I can guess how it got through the board. Many many of us sent them very angry letters arguing why it should have been allowed. A couple of weeks later the ban was overturned. If more of you "man up" and spend the 5 minutes it takes to argue your case you would be suprised how fast things can change.

    Glad its coming out however - dx11 gaming here I come.

    Those that don't remember the game was given approval due to the fact that the trophy kills were (even though highly graphic, possibly too graphic for an under 18 audience) disconnecting from the interaction, through a cutscene. Allowing them to get away with all this juicy goodness, though I hope the system just catches up...

    how come the alien's acid doesn't hurt the predator during a killmove?

    Meh. I'll Gamefly it

    I think I just got a bonner


    Long Live Australia!

    Long Live Sega!

    Long Live Aliens!

    Long Live Predators!

    Short Live Marines!

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