Aliens Vs Predator, Then And Now

The more a vicious conflict between human Marines, stealthy, methodical Predators, and relentless Aliens changes, the more it stays the same. Developer Rebellion talks about what's changed and what's remained in the new version of Aliens Vs Predator.

I like how Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley puts it in this clip. "What we've tried to do is capture the essence of (the original game) and build on it. Build on it with the new technology. Build on it with the new graphics and gameplay." He pretty much nails what fans of the original PC game really want. A shinier, prettier version of the game they loved so much in the first place.


    Oh man, this game just keeps looking better and better. It will be the game of forever

    Imagine this in 3D. Facehuggers jumping out of the screen at you.

    man I hope this game owns..... It'll be awesome to play providing it plays well and the races are balanced right. Please don't suck, please don't suck, please don't suck etc etc.......

    Waiting for a review before buying this one, not sold on it yet, although i did love the classic

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