Alienware's Sub 12-Inch, Sub $US1000 Gaming Laptop

Alienware today showed off a new 11-inch gaming laptop that they call the "most powerful 11-inch gaming laptop in the universe".

The M11x sports HD 720p resolution, a battery life of 6.5 hours, that will sell for less than $US1000.

Gizmodo reports that the laptop can run Crysis at 50 frames-per-a-second and Call of Duty at 30 frames per second both on high settings. They also say that the portable rig hits 3D mark scores in the 6000 to 7000 range.

Alienware, in their press release, just say that the M11x "demonstrates the graphics power of a 15-inch laptop in an 11-inch form factor."

Sounds like it's something worth looking into once it hits the market.


    I bet, i BET it will havr problems with overheating.

    I have to buy special fans for any laptop i game with.

    Wonder if it has some of the same specs as the apple .. islate thats going to be shown off in jan27th...

    what GPU is it rocking i wonder to push that performance.. some thing new im sure at that size

      Has Specs:
      - 6-7 hours of battery life average
      - 2 hours of gaming on battery
      - NVidia GT335M Graphics Chip
      - Video out via DisplayPort, HDMI, and VGA
      - 50FPS Crysis, 30FPS Call of Duty on High Settings
      - Under $1000, later this year

    not for me ive been gaming on a Clevo M860tu 15inch.. for the past year and a half.. no issues..

    Cpus are ice cold these days and my gpu never goes above 80... and its a 9800m GT!

    but yer Alienware have a bad history of overheating in the m15x line .. however this looks to be based on the newer models since the orignal plastic ones that where a disaster

    If this is like its 15inch and 17inch brothers it will be full black aliminum case and Loud but well cooled (in gaming mode)

    Holy jesus, load me up with some good PC games and I'll buy this in an instant.

    Crysis at 50 and CoD at 30? Something's not right there

      "Both on 'high' settings"

      Crysis settings = Low, Medium, 'High', Very High

      Not sure about CoD. Maybe max in CoD is just High?

      Or maybe the article either means both on max, or both on various 'high' settings ><

      But yes, agreed, sounds like it should be the other way around.

      Yeah I found that strange too. My computer doesn't run Crysis very well but Call of Duty is very, very smooth.

    Lol, @ the overheating problem comment... is that true that most laptops have overheating problems when it comes to gaming? On my Macbook Pro, I can play games for literally hours on end and I have not once overheated... it gets laughably hot, but not overheated. It's kind of like, same heat, same fan speed, etc, whether you've been playing for five minutes or three hours.

      By overheat they mean heat up hot and consequentially reducing performance as a system safety.

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