Another Perfectly Good Piece Of Box Art, Ruined By Americans

What is it with American publishers - Sony Computer Entertainment in particular - and ruining nice pieces of foreign box art that should otherwise have been left untouched? Take Heavy Rain, for example.

Above left is the PAL cover to the game, revealed a month or so ago. It's dark, it's mysterious, it's slightly menacing. Exactly like Heavy Rain. It's a classy cover!

Now look at the American cover on the right, spotted on Amazon. SCEA obviously believed an all-origami cover wasn't obvious enough, and instead filled the cover with... well, yes. A couple of things wetter, and more prominent, than the papercraft.

It's not quite as bad as the stunt Sony pulled with Ico's cover back in the day, but then, few stunts could be.

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    I figure Americans are a lot more "simple" kind of people who wouldn't necessarily pick up a videogame because of the intrigue that an all origami box art may provide; relying rather, on sex appeal and glamor to peak interests.

    Just look at what happened with Metal Gear Solid 4's covers.

    It's sounds like an unfair stereotype, but if the president they voted for a couple of years ago is any indication...

    Origami can't wear a low-cut singlet top though.

      It could wear shiny paper though, doesn't glitter attract like a bower bird? That cover looks cheap.

    I get the fact that this article is talking about shoving titties in your face, but my problem with the cover is just that it looks so badly done, like some friend of the development team was photo shopping it in his basement with a budget of $0. Look at the origami it’s so overexposed, it just doesn’t match the rest of the dark cover. And the title looks like a regular font on Photoshop with a drop shadow added. I don’t get how it can just turn out so bad, surely they have a team of digital artists to do this?

    C'mon, Westerners have to have chicks with tits!

      This article has absolutely nothing to do with East and West - both of the box arts on display are from Western markets.

        are you familiar with the history of bullshit western (US) market game covers?

    Never been so glad to be in a PAL region.

      Agreed. This is like the ONE advantage PAL regions have.

      Got that right.

    I did a Uni assignment on this very issue a few years ago which showed this disturbing trend in all its glory.

    Disappointed there is no clearly defined nipple stag. Someones gonna hang for this Chuck.

    Wheeew, PAL version here I come! Glad to live on the side where art is a gift, not a thing for the masses :p

    Sorry what was that? All I could think about were tits

    Yeah but the Brits have that ugly red 15 in the corner.

      Haha!! Stupid Americans!! Wait, I'm an American. I agree about the huge red 15, but generally I like the PAL cover much much more

    I guess at least with the US cover you get an idea of the playable characters- it looks like an thriller game, what with everyone staring contemplatively into space and that one guy nursing a handgun almost ruefully, as opposed to the paper-folding puzzler the PAL cover suggests :/

    Our MA won't be as large so it works well with us. And that PAL cover was announced way before a month or so ago. They've used that as the promo for a while now and probably only announced it was the real cover a month ago - something I would have presumed a year ago.

    The text in the US edition is crap aswell. And they could have at least NOT USED in-game screenshots of the characters and made them look better. The graphics do look good, but their graphics. Even if they look great, doesn't mean you should leave them as they are and use it for a cover. At least with Uncharted 2 they would have photoshopped it a little.

    I just can't look at the the third guy and think he is either smelling something real bad and pulling some weird face. Or trying to pout and cry at the same time.

    They wanted boobs. *shrug*

      The US cover looks cheap.

      I like the idea of Madman anime DVDs allowing you to turn the cover inside out once purchased to get rid of all the classification etc and just have the artwork.

    Cool, I didn't realise this game was going to have a chick with boobs in it... I might buy it now.

      I head the American's renamed the game to "Wet Boobs - a Hot Mystery"

    if you look at her titties, the shadow from the letters kinda look like nipples

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