Apple Invites Us To Jan 27 Special Event, Think iSlate?

Invitation sent to Kotaku today: "Please join Apple on January 27 for a Special Event." Assumption made by Kotaku today: iSlate reveal? Now, why would Kotaku be sent that?

Earlier this month, The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple's long-rumoured tablet computer, the iSlate (perhaps?) would be shown to the press and the world on January 27. Today's invitation from Apple, emailed to Kotaku and numerous other outlets, suggests Apple does indeed have something big to announce that day.

So... Kotaku, we do write about Apple, but mostly in the context of video games. So if we're going to leap to iSlate conclusions, let us also leap to gaming conclusions. iSlate Tower defence anyone? iSlate R.U.S.E. (aka the real-time strategy game already planned for multi-touch screens) perhaps?

Or maybe Apple's just announcing another phone. Or an iStapler.


    why do I hate apple ?

    oh yeah thats right .. all there shit breaks when you drop it once.

      I have dropped my MBP literally countless times, down stairs onto concrete and many times in the loungeroom. The case is dented and battered but it isn't broken. Somehow neither is my ipod touch, I have taken a chip out of the screen from dropping it on the road and have scratched the shit out of the back of it, bit it has been dropped lots of times and hasn't broken. Phones however... I have broken my LG, a samsung and a nokia - and the samsung was a flip phone, the screen broke when I dropped my pants to have a shower.

      I'm sure you can break anything if you drop it and are unlucky enough to have it land wrong, I really should buy a silicon skin for the touch, but so far they have survived my own personal war zone.

    I hope they are announcing the departure of their marketing team for coming up with a concept name of iSlate even if it is only a rumour.

    meh. you can have your islate. im just hoping they are also launching new spec'd MBP's along with it.

    touch screen Civilisation = win. They already have it on the iphone, so its pretty much a lock IMO.

    *Prays that Apple is announcing a better battery for the iPhone.*

    Ummm, hey, if you need help "reporting", I live in Perth and would be happy to fly with you, for free tickets and accommodation :P

    yay, something new on which to play crappy half-thought-out games!

    Trawling through the app store? YES PLEASE!

    Also, it'll probably be $200 more than comparable tablet computers

    Don't do it they are only gona be selling the iMacWheel. So in the words of Admiral Ackbar "It's a trap!"

    The imacwheel was hilarious.

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