Ar Tonelico III Rolls Out The Manly Lady, Voiced By Pikachu!

Bandai Namco role-playing game Ar tonelico III, the third entry in the Ar tonelico series, features more than abundant fan service underwear.

The PS3 title features a macho-looking lady named Mute. She's a military leader and can beat you up. All of you.

The character will be voiced by Japanese voice actress Ikue Ohtani, who voices Pikachu. Yes, the lady who gets paid to say "pika pika" and "Pikachu" in as many different ways as she possibly can.

In this clip, the voice actress shows her skills to comedian Sanma Akashiya.


    I know japanese have issues with depecting proper gender, but they can't be this stupid.

    At least it is a change from brainless stick figures with breasts larger than their head.

    Trying to bring in fans of different fetishes this time, I guess?

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