Arkham Asylum Gets Its GOTY (Edition)

The British Board of Film Classification has listed a Game of the Year edition for Batman: Arkham Asylum, offering no details beyond the fact it's a separate version under a different name.

The game was approved with no cuts made, but that doesn't really mean much as, of course, the original version passed review by the same board. So whether there will be additional inducements to buy this edition, for those who already own the original, or if it's just a repackaging and price drop to rope in late adopters, no one knows.

If additional content is the hook, the game featured a number of add-ons, some of them console exclusives. "Insane Night" and "Nocturnal Hunter" map packs were released to both consoles. "Prey in the Darkness", was available on PS3 in North America, and both consoles in Europe. Two additional maps were exclusive to the game's collector's edition and GameStop preorders. And you could play as the Joker, although that was a PS3-only bonus. But whether any of this is added to a GOTY edition remains to be seen. Batman: Arkham Asylum - Game of the Year Edition [BBFC via VG247]


    As a "late adopter" im only 40% of the way through this game and loving it! GOTY in my books, even its viral marketing campaign was fantastic! - interesting riddles to solve for those who want more out of the game.

    I think it'll include the joker levels from PS3

    its really odd, all the DLC were free though, so unless they have it on there and a price cut, i dont see what else could be on there

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