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Every Wednesday I ask you to Ask Me Stuff. If you have a burning question about the games industry, leave it in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer it this afternoon.

I'll be doing this every Wednesday from now on. (Hopefully.)

Now, fire away with those questions.


    Hey David, what's your take on the future of 3D in TV/gaming given the recent success of Avatar (both as a 3d movie, and letting (forcing?) the masses to experience 3d)?

    Have seen alot of hype up on Gizmodo and other sites regarding how CES will be amping up 3d even more, though given people's recent spending on LCD/plasma I'd have been thinking if it can't be done cheaply (or in a reverse-compatible way for existing TVs), the market just isn't ready for it yet.

      I'd been waiting for this segment to ask pretty much the same question.

      I dream of a day when 3d and natal are one, allowing the user to reach out and interact with objects popping off the screen.

      Sorry might not be David, but my take on it is that even though last year i do remember the ps3's showing of their 3d games with glasses through Sony's tellies and NVIDIA's glasses that made quite alot of PC games 3D compatible, i still say we are more then likely going to be waiting 5 years minimum, more like 10 years to be honest before it would be taken seriously from a developer and consumer perspective (even despite the recent success of Avatar)

      Also i simply don't think the tech is there yet. I know the ps3 and PC (with an NVIDIA card) has it or is getting it in the near future but it is nowhere near the scale of Avatar, and for alot of people will seem to be a step back because it just is those cheap 3D Red and Blue glasses that you used to get and don't work as well. Plus the fact that if dev's don't embrace it and are willing to embrace the tech and push it forward then it will always be a tacky add-on at the last minute.

        Sorry for the double reply but it seems my last reply is now invalid. Sony, Imax and Discovery have announced a new 3D TV channel that will start broadcasting to homes around the world. My Bad :P

      I think you answer your own question with that reference to LCD/Plasma sales. We're still in the nascent stage of high-definition, in terms of market penetration and - more importantly - consumer understanding. How many people own an HDTV but watch no HD content on it? Plenty, I'd imagine. Let's wait for HD to become the norm before we think about 3D taking off.

      Even so, I'm wondering if there are focus issues for gaming with 3D. It's understandable that in a film, the director wants to use focus shifts to guide your eyes precisely where he wants. But does this become problematic in an interactive experience where the player controls where she wants to look?

        Fair call with the player focus - though this does seem to be captured well in games these days where blur is deliberatley used for near/far scene when the player is looking at something in far/near scene.

        Perhaps 3d is something that's going to be better suited to next-gen (as compared to motion control/natal) given how far away that is... though it still seems like it could creep in sooner than that given Sony's aim to include PS3 3D functionality before the end of the year.

    Actually more about Kotaku than anything, is the AU site completely removed from the US site?

    I mean Luke Plunkett is the Oceanic Correspondent, but is an Aussie, so does he work in the same office as yourself? Or is really just yourself and Elly (@ night).

    And just on all the other contributors also, do they have the option to view only the AU comments and if they do, do they?

    For example, Stephen Totilo posted about the 2010 Guinness World Records - Gamer's Edition and asked for random page numbers, now I've seen on the US side of things that the post is updated and he only answered the first 10 and not doing anymore.

    For a post like on the AU site, would it actually get answered? Or are we talking to ourselves when it comes so the US contributors?

      I think the US contributors have an option to read our posts, but I have never seen them reply to an AU post. I've hardly seen them reply to US posts as well, so in that regard David is pretty good, I see him discuss things pretty frequently.

        The AU site is separate from the US one. Luke works for the US site, so no, we don't share an office.

        The benefit of the AU site is that it provides you guys with coverage tailored to an Australian audience and can give greater prominence to local stories.

        I also like that our naturally smaller community makes the comments feel much more like a friendly discussion than you'd find on the US site. US writers may not see your comments, but I do and, more importantly, every other Aussie reader does.

          Don't get me wrong, I have no issues with that being the case. The smaller community aspect is far superior. There isn't really any trolling here compared to the US Site.

          We do appreciate how visible that you make yourself with the community, was simply checking as to whether any of the others check in with us or not.

          Since then, have noticed that the article was removed from the AU Site :p ;)

    I understand that the game I purchase from the store is purchased from the developers, but, assuming there is still a demand for the game, how much money do developers make per unit (avg obviously)? And how does this change when prices are reduced over time?

      Firstly, don't confuse the developer with the publisher. Typically, a publisher (ie. Activision) will finance the development of a game and sell it to a retailer. The amount of money the actual developer makes from that sale will depend on their contract with the publisher, including factors such as: How much money did the publisher advance to the developer? What is the royalties arrangement? Is the developer owned by the publisher or is it an independent studio?

      Further to what David said, think of it as.

      Activision pay Infinity Ward to make Modern Warfare.
      Infinity Ward make game.
      Activision sell 1000 copies of Modern Warfare to EB Games for $60-70 per copy. That's the money made by the Game Companies.
      (Note : there is probably a wholesaler between Activision and EB though)
      EB sell game for $100, EB make $30.

      Any pre-owned copy that is sold though, all that money stays with EB, no further payment goes back to the game company. So it's best to always try and buy new if you can, so that way you are at least making sure your money is somewhat going back to the game companies.

    Hopefully an easy question, just to clarify, when we post stuff on posts from the American site, they don't see it at all do they?
    As in the American writers don't see our comments?

    Just regarding the article yesterday about NBA Jam coming to the Wii. I found this article on and they reckon that their own source within EA told them that it will be coming to XBox Live and PSN at a later date, and that there will be an official announcement quite soon.

    Here's the page if anyone wants to take a look.

    Dave, is there any way you can confirm this or will we just have to wait for the announcement.

    Is it just me or should all these failed "mature" light gun shooters on the Wii, be given the HD treatment, and be packaged with Natal and Sony's Pink knob/wand??
    It would certainly revive the genre !

      It's possible, I guess. But rather than waiting for House of the Dead: Overkill or Dead Space: Extraction to maybe one day be ported to another console, I'd urge everyone to get them now on Wii. They're great games.

    Bayonetta or Darksiders?

    I love Zelda and God of War, hence can't make up my mind which way I want to go.


      I think Bayonetta is more polished and, objectively speaking, the overall better game. But my personal preference towards exploration leans me towards Darksiders.

      Both are excellent though, and you won't go wrong either way.

        Cheers David. I'd kind of made my mind up along the same lines, but every time I fire up the Bayonetta demo it throws doubts my way. Any word why they didn't drop a Darksiders demo before now?

    RE: R18+ discussion paper.

    Hi David, what do you think of the response from the public to its release? One of the US editors (Crecente) noted at least one retail store is getting people to take notice: - but yeah, what are your thoughts?


    Any idea when Assassin's Creed II hits the PC in Australia? Owning neither a PS3 or a 360, I've so far been deprived of what I hear is a fantastic game.

    Also, would you happen to know if the ACII DLC is going to be released on PC? Or will Ubisoft skip out on the PC again, as with Prince of Persia?

    Are mature titles all but gone on the Wii and for future Nintendo home consoles?, It’s no secret that the mature games don’t sell on the Wii, very few people are developing mature games for the system and the developers that are doing it are thinning out. Does this mean the end of mature games for future Nintendo consoles?, I can’t imagine Nintendo going back to perhaps the days of N64 or Gamecube with the success of the Wii. Do you think Nintendo will stick with the family friendly/Mass market formula for future generations?

      Not David, but I think the ship has sailed on mature games for the Wii but there's no reason mature games wouldn't appear on a future Nintendo console if the console appealed to the right install base.

      I would think it's partly a self-fulfilling prophecy. There hasn't been any system-seller "mature" games with the Wii, so gamers looking for those do not buy the Wii, so such mature games as come out do not sell, so people do not put serious money into mature games for Wii, so there are no system-seller mature games for the Wii....

    is there anyway that us as gamers can start a petition to get michael atkinson kicked out of the attorney generals position in SA? because i don't know about you but i want an R18+ rating in australia. is there any way that we can get this done with out michael atkinsons support?

    Is the Novint Falcon supported on the PS3 yet ??

    Hi there!

    I was wondering if anyone knew anything about Star Ocean international's aussie release? No one seems to have the game listed as coming soon and it's getting close to that international release date. Any word? Has Ubisoft decided against an aussie release? Or has Game, EB, JB etc all missed this one?


    Is there any chance that Final Fantasy versus 13 may come to Xbox?

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