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Every Wednesday I ask you to Ask Me Stuff. If you have a burning question about the games industry, leave it in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer it this afternoon.

I'll be doing this every Wednesday from now on. (Hopefully.)

Now, fire away with those questions.


    Hey do you think this whole 3D TV games thing is the next big thing or will it be a flop like virtual reality in the 90's?I mean maost gamers havent even gone high deff yet.

      With High Def TV's in about 80% of households in australia (heard it on the news the other night), Most gamers will be now on some form of wide screen/high def. It will turn to 3d in the future, maybe not for 10 or so years though...

        I don't think that figure is acurate. It's more likely that 80% of Australian households watch digital television (ie, through a set top box, or inside tuner). I very much doubt that 80% of Australian households have a 1080p TV.

          High definition inclues those cheapo 720p TVs you can get. I know heaps of people get those because they don't care about/know the difference.

          Obviously Mr Explody that not 80% of households have 1080P, but working in Dick Smith, it's safe to assume that yes, I have no doubt that a large degree even 80% would have High Definition Televisions in the households. 1080P is rather, Full HD

      I don't see the 3D stuff really taking off as long as you still need to wear special glasses for it. It's mildly annoying for most people but really annoying for people like me who wear glasses already.

      Also, I find the image quality to be kinda poor. Maybe I've only seen bad examples of it or maybe the tech is still evolving but I'd rather a nice clear sharp 2d image rather than a fuzzy headache inducing 3d one.

    Hi David,

    According to Xbox Live's Major Nelson on the 21st of January International attire is coming to the Xbox Live Avatar Marketplace. Any idea if any of this garb is appealing to Australian users? E.g.: Sports guernseys for Australian sports teams.

      I'd be stunned if we ever see Aussie-specific avatar items on Live. Sorry!

    What’s the worst game you played in 09?

      Good question! Just thinking about the games I actually played, didn't enjoy at all and gave up on... that list would include Bionic Commando, Terminator: Salvation, Modern Warfare 2's campaign, Fuel, Gran Turismo on PSP, Damnation, Rogue Warrior and Stormrise.

      But the worst game of 2009 was Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust.

        I haven’t actually played most of the games you mentioned, GT PSP was horrible. I think the developers just put a bit too much faith in the amount of cars, probably with the thinking that car enthusiasts will buy it because it had like 700 cars. But even the most diehard car enthusiast will have a hard time with a game that is so half baked. It’s obvious they rushed the game to make the launch of the PSPgo.

        I’ve never played a Leisure Suit Larry game ever, from what I’ve heard back in its heyday the game was actually this fun little witty game you could actually laugh at. It seems that now the game is still trying to make you laugh but by being incredibly stupid.

    Any chance you post the titles of the games that made it to your Top 25 shortlist of '09?

    Don't need the reasons for their inclusion, unless you want to elaborate. The list would be cool to browse though.

      Sure. Here's the 15 culled from the shortlist, in no particular order:

      Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
      Time Gentlemen, Please
      Zeno Clash
      A Boy and his Blob
      Lost Winds 2
      New Super Mario Bros.
      Swords & Soldiers
      Trials HD
      Time Fcuk
      Miami Shark

        Ahah, Miami Shark for the lols or you genuinely enjoy playing it?

        Also, the majority of those are WiiWare, PSN, XBLA or Flash games?

        Were you that unimpressed with what last year offered up on the PS3, X360 and Wii?

          Yeah, I found a lot of the "big" releases lacking in various ways: Resident Evil 5, Halo Wars, Killzone 2, inFamous, Dragon Age and Uncharted 2 were merely average in my eyes. And I didn't play enough of the likes of Forza 3, Punch-Out!!, Prototype, Beatles Rock Band, DJ Hero, Dawn of War II and no doubt others I've forgoten, to form a confident opinion of them.

    Have you seen the latest requirements for retaillers to display/sell R18+ films and computer games?


    - Material for an R18+ film must be displayed in a different area from other films, which must be marked with a big sign.

    - The displayed material for an R18+ film may bear nothing other than the name of the film in small writing, plus the classification details.

    Seems pretty draconian, but at least it's a step in the right direction for a R18+ videogame rating I believe...

      The bit of the first line mentioning "and computer games" can probably be ignored; future-Gobbo wrote that bit...

      Is this just for SA? This country is going down the gurglar in terms of censorship. New nanny state anyone?

        Yeah, its just for SA. BS really

      That means all the youngins will miss out on seeing Fight Club... for shame! :p

    I couldn't get into mass effect because of the crappy shooting like I loved the story and shit but I hated the shooting. Have you played Mass effect 2 and if so is the shooting better

      One of Bioware's goals for ME2 was to enable it to play more like a shooter, if that's how you wanted to play it. It's tighter, for sure, but it's still an RPG so your character and weapon stats will always be just as - if not more - important as whether you can aim properly.

        From what I understand, in Mass Effect 2 your statistics don't affect the shooter aspects; more important is your aim and precision. Weapon stats have been completely removed, and the system is far more like your typical shooter. Accuracy is not determined by stats, but how well you aim.

          That's correct, but the damage you do is determined by stats. Sorry if my phrasing was confusing!

    What is the meaning of life david?


      Next question?

    Is this news/comment thread system a hack of existing software, or developed in-house by Kotaku propellerheads?

    What are the chances of being able to edit posts in future (rather than quadruple-posting when you're an illiterate git like me)?

    Are realtime posts gonna be a reality anytime in 2010?? If not, at least in select threads perhaps?

    Is the RSS feed ever going to get fixed so it updates when posts are added? Right now it's last update was 9am yesterday despite there being several new posts (including this one) =(

      Slightly off topic, I noticed that rather than using the standard address for RSS, if you use then it only shows the Australian stories.

      Works for gizmodo as well.

    Just wanted to know if there were any big changes/plans for Kotaku Australia this year?

      Yes, but I can't go into detail at this stage. Grim and Gobbo's suggestions are certainly on the list to be implemented in some form.

    What game companies do you enjoy contacting for info/interviews etc and on the flipside who are just like getting blood from a stone?

      Without naming names, typically the bigger a publisher is the harder it is to get code, interviews, even just answers to minor questions...

    Do we have offical Australian release date for BlazBlue? Also if you get a copy can I have one?

      Thought I saw this a while ago...

      February 10th

        although it may have slipped back, GAME are suggesting it will be the 28th Feb now...

        Good price with a bonus stick also, although it probably wont be a great one...

          It's slipped to March 18, just had that confirmed today.

    How difficult would it be to make a sandbox or racing game using Google street-view?

      I thought it had already been done with PS3 title The Last Guy, but a quick search reveals they didn't actually use Google Maps.

      I can't see a "sandbox or racing game" being made, but something a bit simpler would surely be possible.

    Hi Dave,

    Mass Effect one had a kind of gritty / grainy image style, has that been carried across to Mass Effect 2?

    Also, bioware have advertised a review by OXM on their masseffect website... any idea when we'll start seeing other reviews?

    Speaking of reviews, what's your current feelings on Dark Void?

    I know I ask nearly every week, but any word on Perfect Dark?

      Grain filter? I don't actually know for sure, but my memory of seeing the game several times would say yes.

      Print reviews will be appearing any day now, but online reviews won't be up until closer to launch. (I haven't received review code yet.)

      Dark Void? Can't say I've been impressed any time I've seen it and I wouldn't expect much to change when I play the final version. It comes across as a really poor man's Uncharted.

      Perfect Dark? Absolutely no idea any more!

    Is The star trek MMO going the way of subscriptions or a one off payment?

      According to what an sub-heading on steam says, I would say so.

      "Star Trek Online requires a valid credit card to play this game and additional, recurring subscription fees apply."

    Do you ever see Australian Xbox Live users being given access to the "Inside Xbox" channel that other regions currently enjoy?

      Last time I asked Microsoft about this, they said it was something they'd like to do. But yeah... I'm sure they'd have *liked* to have had Video Marketplace three years ago, too. It's not really Microsoft Australia's fault, to be fair. It often feels like Microsoft US doesn't realise there are markets beyond North America.

      Don't hold your breath.

    Are there any new details on Lost Planet 2's split-screen? Last I heard they were trying to add it in, but weren't sure if it was gonna make it. Also, is there a proper release date for it? DSE say January. I've read else where it will be March/April. I've also heard it won't be til the second half on 2010?

    Finally, What have you seen of Blur? Do you think it'll be any good? I'm excited, but i haven't heard anything about it at all lately.

      I'll be playing Lost Planet 2 at a preview event in two weeks, so I'll find out then.

      I've seen nothing on Blur. I even missed it at E3. It seems that Activision, once they'd decided to delay it into this year, simply stopped promoting it. Obviously, Bizarre Creations have plenty of expertise in the genre, so it's hard to see how Blur would be anything less than a competent racing game.

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