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Every Wednesday I ask you to Ask Me Stuff. If you have a burning question about the games industry, leave it in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer it this afternoon.

I'll be doing this every Wednesday from now on. (Hopefully.)

Now, fire away with those questions.


    Do you know any game developers that would offer work experience in melbourne?

      Give them all a call dude. The worst they can say is no.
      Melb Devs I know of:
      -EA (doubtful, but hey! You never know, right?)
      -Blue Tounge
      -Iron Monkey Studios
      -Wicked Witch software

        Not much more to add, really. Oh, except Infinite Interactive, too.

          Ooh, ta David!

    Not really important but the other day I was wondering what happened to the Silicon Knights VS Epic lawsuit.

    Have I missed anything or did they settle after the release of Too Human? The release would mark the point where marketing via 'news' no longer makes sense.

      I'm not aware of any further developments with this lawsuit. It's been two and a half years though, so I imagine it may have been settled.

    While considering a purchase of MAG I am slightly turned off that I will more than likely be up against US players that have had 2 weeks game time to learn the Maps, play style and rank up their character.

    With the massive focus on online multiplayer it seems unfair to give one region (the US) a head start and with digital distribution do you think we will finally get to a point where all games are released globally on the same day?

    Or am I naively thinking the game industry will ever remember there are land masses outside the US or Japan?

      Remember about a week ago how they said that MAG will have Australian Servers on launch...

      You will go up against US players that have had 2 weeks game time to learn the maps, rank up their character but if you have played COD at all (likely) you should be fine. I joined the Beta Late and still had a good time.

      Lorrie is right, Sony has said there will be local servers for MAG.

      To address the broader issue, the majority of games from Western publishers are now released simultaneously around the world. Japanese published games are often delayed for translation reasons, while occasionally there are local marketing conditions behind a delay. But when was the last major release we got more than two weeks after the US?

    Who won your Mass Effect 2 comp from Monday?

    Maybe I missed a post in another topic that mentioned it somewhere, but what happened to Monday's Remember This?

      There wasn't one.

        That's my point. Where is it? C'mon, you started this, we want our missing Remember This!

        Kidding ;) I'm happy to get it whenever you can.

        Incidentally does anyone know of any similar things anywhere on the net? ie guess where the screenshot comes from? (in classic games)

    I have 2 questions.

    Can you give us some insight into the production budget of games these days?, how much would a huge blockbuster game cost to make?. Assuming you’re making a next gen console game with the graphics, production and voice talent what would be the average cost?

    Who actually makes more money from a game, is it the developer or the publisher?

      1. $US20-30m would be average for a "blockbuster" 360/PS3 game today. A few would be more than that, perhaps upwards of $US50m. I believe Modern Warfare 2 had a development budget of around $US40m. Of course, this doesn't include marketing...

      2. Which is partly why the publisher makes more money from a game than the developer. The publisher tends to fund development and pay for all the marketing. They get the biggest slice of the pie in return.

    What magazines/sites did you write for before coming to Kotaku?

      I started contributing to a magazine called Megazone back in the early 90s. From there I wrote for Hyper and PC PowerPlay and became editor of PCPP in 2000. I've also worked on PlayStation World, GBA World, the Sydney Morning Herald (back when it carried a games section), Disney Adventures (!), IGN,, and the Official Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo magazines.

        Disney Adventures. Oh, the memories.

    Is Australia still getting "God Of War Ultimate Trilogy Edition”? It has been pulled from the ebgames AUS site and replaced with a "Collector's Edition" only featureing the 3rd game.

      According to a friend that works there, they've sold out of the $250 edition preorders.


      It was only a limited preorder offer, so presumably they have sold out. Sony confirmed with me they haven't pulled the Ultimate Trilogy Edition.

    how much of the mega sales of games like mario, gta & COD do you think are due to: a merit and b reputation?

      It's obviously a combination of both. The original game in each series was excellent and each subsequent instalment has built on that success. Some gamers may bemoan the concept of sequelitis, but the majority of gamers prefer to stick with what they know.

        I'd also say it has a lot to do with reputation driving merit. If a game has a good rep, publishers will invest more in the next installment, giving the studios more to work with and thus (typically) striving harder for further merit.

        And companies that consistently have games of high quality gain a good reputation, which in turn attracts higher investors.


    Stupid question, but why is kotaku called kotaku. What does it mean?

      The Japanese word "otaku" roughly translates into English as being obsessed. It's commonly used to refer to an obsession with geek culture such as anime, manga and of course videogames. "Ko" is a Japanese prefix to denote something being small. So think of Kotaku as a small obsession.

        Completely unrelated, it's also "my city" in Indonesian

    Hey David any chance Kotaku AU is going to get their hands on some Bad Company 2 PC Beta Keys?

    hey man been playing Solium Infernum a whole bunch. have u checked it out? whats your thoughts? are you interested in a pbem game?

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