Assassin's Creed II Sneaks Past Six Million Sold

During Ubisoft's fiscal report from earlier today, it was disclosed that sales of Assassin's Creed II - 2009's little engine that could - are now very healthy indeed.

I say "little engine" because while Modern Warfare 2 spent the latter half of 2009 dominating all talk of game sales, to date Assassin's Creed II has sold over six million copies. For a game set in renaissance Italy with no multiplayer and released around the time of MW2, those are incredible numbers.

Then again, it's an incredible game! So it all makes sense in the end.


    I'm one of those proud six million.

    With only half of xboxes even bothering to connect to Live! (and I bet less than half that getting a gold account) I dont think having no multiplayer is a negative for a LOT of people.

    I do not plan to buy this game. I don't have a vested interest in the gameplay and given a bit of background reading and playthrough of the first one, I find the storyline quite silly.

      ...but you clearly have interest in the game, considering you read this? :D

    Let's hope Ubisoft doesn't forget that the sales owe just as much to actual quality as brand recognition.

    For all the people who aren't thinking of picking this one up... you need to think again. I was like you, played through the first one and was bored very quickly.

    This version on the other hand I couldn't put down. I was on my summer holidays so I took my time with it completing side missions and really immersing myself within the game.

    The storyline is AWESOME. But it all comes together at the end... One of my top games for 2009.

    As for the multiplayer comment, Glen. I agree with you. So many games are going out of their way to create a multiplayer mode to please those people who enjoy gaming with real people. But on this occasion, when you have such a solid story mode I felt no need to hook up with some other people and play online. At this point I wouldn't have a clue what an online mode would entail for a game that is built on stealth anyway?

    I was left feeling very satisfied that I got my money's worth (well, Santa's money) at the end of this game. The story mode took me over 24 hours to complete (spread over 2 weeks), but as mentioned before I really took my time on it as it was a game that allowed you to do that.

    Ain't it funny for us people who have played the game to laugh at David Putz comment?

    Anyway back to the sales - i thinking whether this would be as successful as the first cause a lot of people may not have liked the first and then avoid the second. Especially considering a lot of casual gamers actually played the first.

    6 million is amazing. I didn't expect anything like that so soon. I kinda thought the release wasn't as successful as it could have been or compared to the original. But then Ubi said how it did better and i was thinking "really?"

    This deserves another 6 million PLUS more. Such a great game.

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